Public choice of light rail in Gaziantep

📩 27/11/2018 16:20

Public choice of light rail in Gaziantep
Light rail system preferred by the people Light rail system made by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality carried 2 million passengers in its second year in service. Mayor Güzelbey said that the Rail System, which started service in March 12, carried 2010 million passengers in 2 with the introduction of Karataş 2012nd Stage. Stating that they are satisfied with the interest of the people of Gaziantep, Mayor Güzelbey said, “The 12-kilometer Rail System, which ends at the Burç junction, starting from the Gar Square, has reached a total of 15 km with the commissioning of the 6nd Stage between the 2-kilometer University-Akkent. As of March 21, 1, the number of passengers carried by the system, which has reached its 2013nd birthday, has reached 2 million. University students mostly prefer the system that our citizens living in Karataş Region can easily reach by ring bus services created by our Metropolitan Municipality. ” Stating that the Light Rail System, which provides service with 2012 wagons at 12 stops starting from Karataş Akkent and ending at the station, continues to get full marks from the people of Gaziantep, that the construction of the 19rd Stage subcontracted line excites the citizens, and that the people of the city want to see this service at all points of the city, 'Transportation is a big problem for all metropolises. Transportation Gaziantep is also a big problem, we do not reflect this fact. However, Gaziantep does not have a serious problem in transportation. But we have to plan 11 years, 3 years, and 5 years. The 10-kilometer rail system provided great relief in urban transportation. This was a beginning. Then we made the 20-kilometer Karataş 15nd Stage. We do not say that we have solved the transportation problem of Gaziantep with the 6-kilometer rail system. However, we said that we will continue with the third stage after this start. We will have reached a 2-kilometer light rail transportation network with the 21-kilometer Ibrahimli stage. ” Stating that the Rail System started operating at 3 in the morning and received its last passengers at 6,5 at night, Mayor Güzelbey said, “It is adopted by our people that the Electronic Card is used in both buses and tramway and provides various advantages. In addition, our citizens travel cheaper by paying 29 percent of the second boarding within 05.40 hour from the public transport to the other public transport, from the bus to the bus, from the bus to the Light Rail System, from the Light Rail System to the bus. The Light Rail System, which is served by the Metropolitan Municipality, continues to provide modern, comfortable, fast and economical transportation opportunities to the people of Gaziantep in 00.00 stops with 1 wagons of 40 persons on a total of 21 kilometers between Akkent and Gar.

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