Prohibited in Free Gaziantep in Istanbul

Prohibited in Free Gaziantep in Istanbul
It is as if there is no one who does not know the sweetness of the nostalgic train on Istanbul Istiklal Avenue.

Particularly tourists are almost competing with each other to take pictures during the train crossing. Vatman must be accustomed to this, during the photo shoot poses with a smile.

As for Gaziantep… It is forbidden to take the photo of the tram used in the Light Rail System or even take the photo of the outside from the boarding area.

As soon as you take your camera, the private security guard comes to you and says "My forbidden fellow" instantly.

When asked why and who forbids (!) And how you can shoot, he says, "You will get permission from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality," I want to take pictures here, "and show us this permission paper."

Here are our dear readers; The tram line should be in the area, but don't take pictures. You can even eat it instantly.

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