Foundation of South Aegean Logistics Center (Photo Gallery)

Foundation of South Aegean Logistics Center was laid
The company has started the construction of the Bayır town of Muğla, the biggest logistics center in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

22 thousand square meters of indoor space, 58 TIR loading and unloading at the same time and the 400 person will be delivered to the Aegean and the Mediterranean will be delivered from the center.

Muğla Deputy Governor Mestan Yayman, Mayor Mayor Cumhur Çoban, MUTSO Development Movement Leader Safa Altaş, businessmen and citizens attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Speaking at the opening Bayır Mayor Cumhur Çoban Bayır, one of the most important centers of Muğla said that came from. . We have done all our help for our investors so far and we will continue to do so. We are ready to provide support for all kinds of investments that offer added value to our city, Mugla and our country and that are sensitive to the environment. B

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Şahap Çak, Netlog Company, gave information about the logistics center to be made. Çak, başla 2 months ago we started the operation of South Aegean Logistics Center with the encouragement of Mr. Safa Altaş, the candidate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Muğla. Our mayor of Bayir also helped with the location. It is good that we make our investment in Muğla. Muğla is an important center with its tourism in the middle of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, underground and surface mineral resources and agriculture. 31 bin m2 land on the 22 bin m2 closed area at the same time 58 TIR can make loading and unloading is a logistics center. Considering that the capacity of our company's logistics center in Izmir is 11 bin m2, we are making a center twice as big as İzmir. For the first time in the Aegean Region, we also have a storage depot. 20 will be employed if the South Aegean Logistics Center, which will cost 400 million TL, will operate at full capacity. Our company provides services in Turkey and in different centers 17 54 different cities across the country and contributes to the economy "



Şak stated that there is a big company that makes soilless farming in Antalya., We will make our second investment in Muğla on landless agriculture. But we want to make this investment with our local partners in Muğla. Due to the weather and climate of Muğla, it is very suitable for landless agriculture. Until now, this culture has not been studied in undeveloped or soilless agriculture in Muğla. Bugün

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