Excavation Works Started at Bozüyük Logistics Village Center

Excavation Works Started at Bozüyük Logistics Village Center
The excavation works of the Logistics Village Center project in the Bozüyük district of Bilecik started.

Turkey is one of the most modern and most important point of the logistics park to be established in 16 across different scales by TCDD also made Bozüyük. AK Party Deputy Fahrettin Poyraz'ın, great efforts for the realization of Bozüyük Logistics Village excavation work began. In the logistic village center where road-rail integration will be provided, the railway transfer, stock and maneuvering areas are planned by TCDD and the warehouse and other logistics areas are planned by the private sector. As the logistics village center is completed and commissioned, Bozüyük is expected to boom industrial investments.

In the area before the OIZ, approximately 300 thousand square meters of land on the border of the highways will be carried out in the logistic village, loading docks, highways and loading ramps, including the customs clearance, and the loading and unloading operations in Bozüyük it was learned that it was intended to be completed.

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