Etimesgut CHP Protests TCDD

Etimesgut CHP Protests TCDD
. High-speed train line and heavy-duty warehouse workshops depo, which were wanted to be established on the land of Etimesgut Sugar Factory, were protested by TCDD Etimesgut Station by CHP Etimesgut District organization.

CHP Ankara Deputy Aylin Nazlıaka, who gave a motion to the agenda of the Parliament in recent days, was also supported by Etimesgut District President Memet Yula, District Organization, Municipal Assembly Members, Party Members and CHP Ankara Provincial Administrators.

Stating that the "High Speed ​​​​Train Maintenance Units" and the "High Speed ​​​​Train Station" to be built on the land of the Sugar Factory, just behind the Optimum AVM, will cause great harm to the region and the people of Etimesgut, CHP supporters protested the Mayor of Etimesgut Enver Demirel and the AK Party Government. . District President Memet Yula, who made a speech at the action, emphasized that the CHP is the only party that deals with the problems of Etimesgut and can overcome them, and said, “We will hold the local elections in 2014. kazanNo one should have any doubts about our future," he said.

Memet Yula, Ankara deputy Aylin Nazlıaka working as an Etimesgutlu while adding a question to the Parliament in the TGNA about the High Speed ​​Train Station and Heavy Maintenance Workshops, he said, reminding:

Criticized the President of the Municipality

Dik As CHP, we have given different proposals in this regard in the Etimesgut City Council. Mayor of Enver Demirel, hundreds of thousands of acres of Sugar Land to take power in the future, we said. Etimesgut'u Eryaman'ya connects to the huge land, let's come forward, you think we should come from behind. Because the Heavy Maintenance Units to be made here will reduce the real estate prices in the region and will play with the health of the people of Etimesgut. Unfortunately, the Mayor of Etimesgut and the politicians outside us did not fulfill their duties. In 2004, Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Gökçek promised to do the World Trade Center. But what happened, we all see. We want Etimesgutliler to go to the crate with this awareness. Et


Yula stated that they wanted to have a recreation area in the region. I The first curtain of TCDD, which is still in Marşandiz, is moved to Etimesgut and the opening of that region to the rattan is being played through the people of Etimesgut. We want the land to be arranged as a city park, within the city park, cultural centers, sports areas, hobby and entertainment centers or all railway facilities to move to Polatli'ın we want to, "he said.

Later, Ankara deputy Aylin Nazlıaka, combining their hearts in the capital of the Republic of Ankara, to stop another destruction event in Etimesgut said that they came together in the t Population 500 near our city, feel the identity of the city, you can feel? With its social and cultural activities, do you see this? You can't see it. Because neither the Mayor of Etimesgut nor the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality give you the value you deserve. Gö

Aylin Nazlıaka reminded the Minister of Transport in the Parliament that she had made a question regarding the land of the Sugar Factory. Ar Sugar land is a land that can bring a different identity to Etimesgut with its area of ​​320 bin m2. This place was transferred to TCDD a while ago. They will bring the High Speed ​​Train Maintenance Units to this land. Scientists have studies on this issue and if such a facility is made here, the Etimesgutliler will face the danger of cancer. Groundwater will be contaminated, soil will be contaminated. If you live near such a facility, you will be greeted by air pollution and noise pollution. Böyle


Nazlıaka also called on the Minister of Transport and said: in If they are going to build such a facility in the heart of Etimesgut, I will give him a house near the plant. If you can afford it, you can come and sit in this house. I will donate a house to the Minister if they do the Fast Train Heavy Maintenance Workshops in Etimesgut. Such a facility can be done elsewhere but it is very difficult to clean the environment. You can't return the lost years to our citizens who are at risk of cancer. Kanser

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