Trained trains for women in Indonesia canceled

Trained trains for women in Indonesia canceled
The trains allocated for women in Indonesia were canceled due to lack of demand.

The Indonesian official said that the railway company had been canceled only a year after the opening of the train for women.

The country's railway company sefer Pte Kirita Abe Indonesia ita had started seven trains in October last year to ensure the safety and comfort of women following the reports of sexual harassment on passenger trains.

Company sözcüEva Charoniza stated that these trains are mostly reserved for women, except during peak hours, as regular trains are always crowded.

To increase our capacity, Charoniza added that they decided to convert only the trains allocated to women to the normal train and added: çev Female passenger trains are crowded during busy hours, but normal passenger trains are more crowded. Char

Company sözcüSü announced that they are planning to add 180 wagons to the company this year and said that if the capacity permits, trains dedicated to women could come back.

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