Description of Ego Rail Systems Department Head Temiz

Description of Ego Rail Systems Department Head Temiz
Within the scope of the works of the project office, which was created to meet the needs of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality from local resources, the "Metro and Ankaray Spare Parts Localization Exhibition" was opened.

EGO Rail Systems Department Head Kemal Temiz and OSTİM Teknoloji AŞ Chairman Sedat Çelikdoğan attended the exhibition organized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara Chamber of Industry and OSTİM at the Ankara Metro Operation and Maintenance Center.

Stating that they expect more support from Ankara industrialists, Kemal Temiz said, “We saved 80 million lira thanks to localization in 6 main parts”.

Saying that the exhibition is organized to encourage domestic production in rail transportation systems, Temiz said, “With 324 vehicles coming from China, the localization rate will increase to 51 percent. I believe our industry will be able to produce all the spare parts in the future. Here, our industrialists have a great job, ”he said.

Sedat Çelikdoğan pointed out that the need for spare parts increased due to the aging of the vehicles and called to industrialists:

“Visit and see the exhibition and determine what you can do. Necessary agreements have been made between the Municipality and OSTİM. We think we can produce more local parts next year. Our aim is to produce a local subway vehicle designed by us. This is the solution to this job. In the long run, our goal is to close the foreign trade deficit. "

The exhibition, attended by many industrialists and 250 spare parts, can be visited until May 24.

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