High-speed train to Düzce

High-speed train to Düzce
With the project prepared by the Ankara Duzceliler Association, the project of the project called giden speed train giden started to pass through Duzce between Ankara and Istanbul. At this stage, drilling and feasibility studies were started at depth of 350 meters with 20 meters at Saçmalıpınar Village of Gölyaka.

Good news for Duzce from the Association of Plain Plain Ankara. The project and feasibility studies have begun for the construction of a part of the speed train project, which is planned to be carried out by the government and aimed to reduce the distance between Istanbul and Ankara to 1 and a half, to pass through Düzce.

Giving information about the subject, the President of Ankara Duzceliler Association Semih Cyprus, giving the good news that the high-speed train project will go through Düzce ği Ankara, Sincan, Çayırhan, Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli section of the Ankara railroad, Ankara, Bolu, Sakarya and Kocaeli. was planned. At this stage, meetings were held with citizens in Sakarya, Bolu and Kocaeli. Why should not such a meeting be held in Düzce? Because the most suitable place is seen in Düzce. We have prepared this project 5 years ago as Ankara Duzceliler Association. But the project we presented at that time was an electric train project. Now you can project your train fast. The preliminary work of this project was started in Gölyaka's Saçmalıpınar Village. 20 meters and 200 meters are drilling. At least one stop can be made here. It will reduce the speed of the train, but it is still possible to transport passengers by standing in Düzce once a week. Tren

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