Flying Train Waiting for a Fast Train

Flying Train Waiting for a Fast Train
The train comes flying while waiting for the fast train. A factory in Cilimli is about to complete a flying train (monorail) project that 15 will introduce during the day. Monorail and Düzce traffic is planned to be relieved.

While the speed train passes from Düzce, there was a debate, a monorail (air train) attack came from Necmettin Gençyılmaz, owner of a factory operating in Çilimli. The businessman is planning to implement the air train project, which is expected to be greatly relaxed in Düzce traffic.
The air train, which is expected to be introduced to the people of Düzce within approximately 15 days, will greatly ease the traffic. initially planned monorail in Izmir, Turkey, in particular providing a transport system for city traffic.

Due to the low cost and short duration of construction, Monorail is more advantageous than Metro and Tram lines.
Gençyılmaz stated that they had been working on the subject for a long time, both inexpensive and large from there with the expected traffic on the train gave about.

Gençyılmaz said, çalış We have been working on this for a long time. It's a new technology. We chose Duzce. 15 will introduce the train that goes through this air during the day. This will eliminate the congestion in crowded cities of the country. 5-6 from the ground is almost the opposite of the trains we know running from above. He's working on a special line. xnumx's percent cheaper than the price of the train made anywhere in Turkey. We have the desire to relieve Düzce traffic on the routes given to us. Düz

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