Earth-changing pottery still sealed

Earth-changing pottery still sealed
The actual delayed excavations in Marmaray, which Prime Minister Erdogan said was 'delayed by pottery'. Findings that change the history of the world are at risk.
Archaeological excavations started in 2004 in Yenikapı within the scope of Marmaray Project attracted the attention of the whole world with the findings of the neolithic period. However, the archeological excavations that took the history of Istanbul back to 8500 years were stopped by saying götür Budget is over Ancak. The Ministry of Transport, State Ports and Airports (DLH) carried out financial support by Yenikapı excavations of the 40 bin work warehouses were closed and sealed. Radical 9 was announced in February with the title sular 40 bin case was left in the middle de. The next day, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ömer Çelik called the newspaper and said that he talked to the Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım on the phone and that Yıldırım would give additional budget and that archaeological excavations would be continued. Radical 10 on February, 'Seals removed, continue excavation' had given the news with the title.

3 month is not a click
This date has passed over the full 3 months. Seals at excavated warehouses were not solved and the dismissed archaeologists did not return. Excavations continued at the Istanbul Archaeological Museums Presidency. Ship equipment, spools, sail pangas, ropes, leather sandals, combs, ivory and bone neolithic period historical artifacts remained in warehouses. The museum officials said they expect the budget of DLH to begin excavations and they send all the information and documents requested from them. DLH states that they have an additional budget but they cannot complete the tender specifications and they will start excavations soon.
3 is not known what the case of the works. Lost time 29 will be added to the duration of the project that will end in October, it is not clear. Most importantly, how to compensate for the time it takes for scientific data to be recovered. However, the importance of the findings in the history of archeology and the value added to the history of Istanbul should be determined. According to the protocol with DLH, it was stated that economic support will be provided until the results of the excavation are completed.

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