Diyarbakır wants rail system

Diyarbakır wants rail system
It was found out that Diyarbakır students wanted a “rail system” in the “Diyarbakır City Transportation Problems” survey conducted by Dicle University (DU) students. Explaining the results of the "Diyarbakır City Transportation Problems" questionnaire conducted by DUU University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Units Conference Hall, Süleyman Güneş said that they met with approximately 3 thousand 4 people. Güneş, referring to the question heading about the rail system, said, “Do you believe that the rail system can be useful in Diyarbakır Transportation in total? was asked. Of these, 223 people said 'yes useful' and 4 people said 'no needless'. 149 of them did not respond. ” Stating that the survey was conducted with a team of 3 between January 347 and May 802, 74, Güneş said: “We had over 10 interviews. We had more than 02 meetings. We visited local governments, central government. We had meetings with the drivers, our university teachers, the local line owners. Investigation of transportation problems in Diyarbakır. As OU students, we wanted to eliminate the problems from individuality and give them to the society with this study. ”In the questionnaire, the participants were asked 19 questions.

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