Massive ballast screening machine to be transported by road

Massive ballast screening machine to be transported by road
The 48-meter-long, 170-ton gigantic ballast screening machine used in the construction of high-speed trains in Sakarya will be loaded on a special carrier and transported by land due to the closed railway. One week of preparation for the gigantic machine to be loaded on a special carrier. The carrier trailer has 240 wheels and 30 axles.

The ballast screening machine brought by a private company from Germany in order to use it in the construction of the Eskişehir-Istanbul phase of the high-speed train project was requested to be taken to Karaman after the completion of the work here. However, due to the high speed train works between Köseköy and Karaköy, it was decided that the gigantic machine would not be transported by land until Eskişehir. 240 wheeled special carriers were found to transport the machine by road. A week of work was done to load the machine onto the carrier. A team of three experts from the factory where the machine was produced in Germany supported the work. The machine, located on the railroad in Mekece village of Pamukova district, was loaded onto the carrier with the help of three cranes of 200, 300 and 400 tons. The machine to be taken to Karaman will be lowered back to the railway in Çukurhisar town of Eskişehir.

Mechanical engineer Orhan Tuylu, who coordinated the loading of the machine on the carrier, told Cihan News Agency (Cihan) that the machine brought from Germany was used in high-speed train construction works. Noting that the machine will be taken to Karaman after the work is completed, Tuylu said, “He has completed his work here. However, we had to transport them by land because the railroad was closed due to high speed train works. We will take the railway back down in Çukurhisar. After that, it will continue to Karaman by rail. We prepared for a week to load the machine on the carrier. The lifting process was started after the test checks by obtaining the approvals from the German factory. After the works, we loaded the machine to the carrier with three cranes. Carriers special trailer. It has 240 wheels and 30 axles. It has the ability to go both forward and backward. In this way, it enables to go back and forth in tight bends. It is not difficult on bridges. " said.

Expressing that they received official permits from the governorships of the provinces on the route for the transportation of the machine by road, Tuylu said that the tunnels and bridges were checked. Tuflu added that the transportation of the machine by road costs 105 thousand Euros.

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