Earthquake can derail the speed train

Earthquake can derail the speed train
In the framework of the erçev Natural Disaster Awareness Training esinde program, which was started by the Municipality of Izmit in 2003, the deputy earthquake specialist from Istanbul University Yrd.Doc. Dr. Oğuz Gündoğdu found striking explanations again. Oğuz Hoca said, insan The earthquake is forgotten in the human brain. But we forget much more quickly. If we say that the AKP government does nothing about the earthquake, we would be wrong. However, the risk of earthquake in our country is so serious and high that our work is inadequate. Made and the Mediterranean have lately mobility, we need to do something about it, Doğumarmar also is not known anything about the earthquake, at a small earthquake zone, it will be in the region puts into serious wreckage of unknown of it, if Marmara if ill earthquake enters Turkey coma " said.

The weekly “Natural Disaster Awareness Assessment eğitim, which was started by the Municipality of Izmit in schools within the boundaries of the Municipality, was held at İzmit EML. To date, the 25 thousand 3 800 students in the educational program given by the Municipality of Izmit Municipality Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization, this week from Istanbul University Earthquake Expert Assistant Professor Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Gündoğdu was introduced to the students. The opening speech of the training in the Izmit EML conference hall was made by the Mayor of İzmit. Nevzat Dogan made, young people told the work done by the municipality about the earthquake.

After the opening speech of Doğan, the seismic expert Oğuz Gündoğdu received the microphone. He explained the earthquake risk in our country.

Gündoğdu said, alar High-speed trains are being carried out, but not enough investigations are made during the high-speed train. The possible 7-8 earthquake can be discharged from the high-speed train. Ol

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