Rail transport fell out of sight

Rail transport fell out of sight
TIM Logistics Council Member Bulent Aymen, the first years of the Republic of the total transportation of rail transport in the percentage share of 68 unfortunately 1.5 level today, he said

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Logistics Council Member Bülent Aymen, pointing out that the Republic ?? s first year, the total transport in so 68 share of rail transport in the unfortunately-level 1.5 percent today, ?? there are some deficiencies in our country's railway infrastructure. Also, the lack of suitable lines to the freight route has also taken us away from the railroad? said.

Aymen pointed out that the most important factor affecting the competitiveness of exports is freight (transportation), Ay The development of railway transportation and the growth of the share of railways in export transportation will increase our competitive power. said. The private sector rail transport and with the enactment of the law that allows him to invest in the infrastructure that he believes will start a new era Bülent Aymen, ?? Turkey, will have the chance to be Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries of Europe ?? or important logistics center in the direction of the binding. High road and maritime transport costs will be eliminated, the formation of long convoys at the border and delayed delivery will be solved. This situation will open the door to increase our share in the near market ?? he said.

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  1. freight transportation should be shifted to railroads all road transport in the country is costly for every sector and this affects our development. Passenger transportation projects should be put into action by rail systems.