Support for railways from the EU

Support for railways from the EU
General Director of Railroad Regulatory Erol Çıtak, private sector, railways to provide freight and passenger transportation services in the legislation to be done in order to provide services, technical experts from the EU experts on this issue said they will receive services.
Çıtak, including the opening of rail infrastructure to the private sector that Turkey Liberalization of Railway Transport of the entry into force of the Law on recalling, "TCDD Transport Inc. is a new company to be established by name. The transportation works will be carried out by the newly established company, ”he said.

Stating that the private sector has started the necessary legislative works in order to provide the railway infrastructure with the transportation and passenger transportation services of the private sector, Çıtak said that after the completion of these works, the private sector could start to serve on the railways.

European Union (EU) experts on the subject of 2014-2015 annually covering the 2 years of technical consultancy service will be taken notification Çıtak, the objectives of the sector to provide equal, free, fair and sustainable competition, he said.

The private sector will make conspicuous Çıtak both freight passenger transport, "the geo-strategic and geo-economic situation in Turkey is in a special position, we believe that serve as the railway transport corridor between Asia and Europe. Especially, procedures and principles will be established to determine the characteristics of our logistics centers, villages and bases such as location and capacity. Our goal is to ensure that freight between the two continents is transported over the railway lines in our country ”.

Explaining that there are 3 logistics village projects, 4 of which have been put into operation and 19 of which first phase works have been completed by TCDD General Directorate, Çıtak stated that these logistics villages will become important transfer centers.

Emphasizing that the liberalization efforts in the railway sector in European countries started in the 1990s, Çıtak noted that the sector was liberalized in most of these countries. Çıtak said, “We aim to increase the share of rail freight transportation, which is currently 5 percent, to 2023 percent in line with our 15 targets”.

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