Railways Administration ProRail will shrink in the coming period

Railways Administration ProRail will shrink in the coming period
On Thursday, ProRail said in a statement that like all other government sectors, they were also affected by the government's saving measures.

It was announced in February that the government will cut 2 billion euros from the budget of the railways.

Which projects will be covered by this outage, the railway sector for the investment program of the government announced after the fall will be announced in autumn.


PRORAIL sözcü“It is certain that this cut will shrink our organization, but it is not entirely clear how this shrinkage will be,” said Sü.

Explaining that the interruptions will not hinder the maintenance and safety of the railways sözcü”We are committed to improving the safety of railways and the confidence of their passengers. kazanWe are working very hard to make it,'' he said.


On the one hand, the savings measures continue, while the other investments on the railways continue. ProRail spends about 600 million euros per year for the maintenance of railways.

On the other hand, it invests more than 1 billion annually for large train stations and projects.

ProRail debuted more than 200 people last year. The Railway Company currently employs approximately 4000 people.

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