Railway - Work from ahde-fidelity

Railway - Work from ahde-fidelity
Demiryol-İş Konya Branch, organized under the leadership of the “Unity and Solidarity“ dinner a large number of retired and working TCDD employees retired, TCDD Konya Gar Depot Directorate came to the garden behind.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Konya, who retired from station management and employees, Railways Workers Union organized by the Konya Branch and the garden is located behind the Train Station Depot headquarters "pacta sunt servanda" eat the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hasmet Okura, Meram Mayor Serdar Kalaycı YHT Konya Train Station Director Yalcin Tekkalmaz, Turk-Is Konya Representative and Rail-Is Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kkat and many union retirees and employees joined.
The Ahde-Vefa dinner started with the Quran and prayer made for TCDD employees who passed away. Türk-İş 2. Regional Representative and Chairman of Demiryol-İş Konya Branch Necati Kökat said: tik We organized the second dinner of our de Ahde-Vefa için dinner to see our friends working as a union and retired together. We were very happy to have participation. We have achieved our goal as a union. We will continue to organize such organizations in the years that follow. ”

Haşmet Okur, General Secretary of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, said, um I am happy to attend such a meaningful meeting. Because TCDD employees and those who retire from this institution come together and meet at the dinner given by the Railroad-İş union shows the covenant. ”

Seram Kalaycı, Mayor of Meram said, beni I am happy to attend the dinner-fidelity dinner of the Railroad-İş Union. The gathering of the retired friends working at TCDD Konya Train Station within the boundaries of our district shows unity and solidarity in the institution. ”
After the protocol speeches, guests attending the ”Ahde Vefa” dinner were served Konya pilaf.
The program continued throughout the day and the old friends had the opportunity to talk to each other and to remember the old days.

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