Rail train for iron nets

Rail train for iron nets
With the opening of the use of the private sector of all railways in Turkey 'railway authorities' sector will rise. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said, herkes With the new law, everyone who wants to take the 4-5 train will travel quickly and comfortably ”.

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, 'Ray of criticism about the serbestleştirilmesi'yl, "not only from the Highways General Directorate of Road passing Did the car? TCDD will be like this ”. Stating that everyone who wants to pass the train will pass the train, Karaman said, “THY will be like a model. We're not selling wagons. Private sector trains can go on the tracks. Ray Karaman continued his words as follows:


Dik We released the rails. Anyone will use the rails. Let's say we have a cement factory. He'il be able to move his goods wherever he wants in his own wagon. There are trains of the private sector all over the world. Line state, train private sector. why not in Turkey? We will plan for those who want to use the rails. We'il give you time. For example, if the train passes between Istanbul and Adana, which is 24 hours, we will give compensation. We'il adjust whoever uses Ray's plans. For example, there will be 4-5 trains. Thus, a new sector will be born. Today, our businessmen have private planes, yachts, luxury office cars. With the new law, anyone who wants to take the train. Businessmen with a public train will be able to travel among many cities with high speed train network in a comfortable, comfortable and office environment.

Source : http://www.hurriyet.com.tr




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