Dağkapıdan - Kayapınara rail system

Dağkapıdan - Kayapınara rail system
Support is expected from the deputies for the realization of the light rail system line project to be built in Diyarbakır.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Fahrettin Çağdaş said that the most important data of the Transportation Master Plan is the light rail system line in the city center with a passenger potential of 13 thousand per hour, starting from Dağkapı Square and extending to the Training and Research Hospital in Kayapınar district, He stated that the study was carried out.
Noting that the Contemporary Transportation master plans were submitted to the Ministry of Transport, the light rail system line was approved, and that they, as the municipality, started some searches for the construction of the project, they were based on using domestic loans in these quests.
Explaining that they did not pursue the international financial institutions and banks for the construction of the line, Çağdaş said:
“We applied to Iller Bank, which is very organized and has technical capability for the construction of the line. This application we made in March was evaluated by the technical committee of Iller Bank. After the evaluation stages were completed, an application was made with the approval of the Provincial Bank Regional Directorate. It is a loan request of 250 million lira. We hope that the loan request will be approved without administrative and political obstacles. As a municipality, we did all the administrative and technical work. I want to make a call to both AK Party and BDP MPs elected from Diyarbakır. We expect their support for the realization of this project.

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