Cost of crazy projects will drop with note increase

Cost of crazy projects will drop with note increase
The increase in note will be reflected positively on the borrowing of energy and infrastructure projects.

Moody's after the withdrawal of Turkey's credit rating to investment grade, the giant energy projects and infrastructure schemes, such as a reduction in the cost of borrowing from the banking sector in Turkey and abroad are expected to facilitate the supply of new resources. Expansion of maturities, especially in foreign debt, is also expected. Making a planned third airport in Istanbul Turkey, long-term financing possibilities and costs of such projects from abroad as part of the third bridge and Canal Istanbul will be among the topics on the agenda in the coming period. Alper Hakan Yüksel, the Executive Vice President in charge of Corporate Banking, said that a decline in foreign funding should be expected, including project finance.

Maturities will also grow

Ebru Özdemir, a member of the consortium that won the third airport tender to Istanbul, said that they expect financing costs to decrease and the maturities to be extended. Aksa Energy CFO Cüneyt Uygun also said that they would benefit from the increase in the rating as a company that uses a serious financing source. Eyt We expect more money for some funds since we can enter the radar more C.

YASED: Our share in foreign capital is up to 3

The International Investors Association (YASED) described the increase in Moody's nor as an important step in increasing the increase from 1 percent to 3 percent from international investments in the long term. YASED announced an expectation of $ 2013-15 billion for international direct investment, $ 20 billion for mergers and acquisitions, and $ 25 billion for foreign direct investments in Ernst & Young.

Müşfik Cantekinler, Head of Corporate Finance Department of Ernst & Young said “Although we do not revise our expectation figures directly due to this rating increase, we think that there will be a numerical increase, this increase will not remain with 2013 and its impact will be felt especially in the following years. We are of the opinion that it is possible for both the expectation figures to increase by 2013 billion dollars for 5 ”.

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