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Light Rail System Continue
Now come to the actual realizations. 2013 As of March, the average number of 2 million passengers has been moved per month. This means about 24 million passengers per year. The average of the four years is up to three down five. Let's see, 2. and what extra 3.etap will bring.

Now let's say, “the number of passengers carried in one direction Şimdi. 18 1 passenger for the 850 hourly time zone. In 2012 this was the average 2006 person. As you know, in ESER's rakam information ”this figure is 2020 for 13 bin. I mean, in seven years, we're gonna get this figure.

The maximum number of passengers, 22 moved on November 2012. 89 315 18 2 481 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX , not equal.

On the website, the number of passengers to be carried by the consultant firm ESER Engineering for the first stage ”One hour per hour birinci is not given for the second and third stage, why? I am confused veril The second stage and the third stage are not given ”.

Another issue that draws my attention:… Second stage 'is ok, from Mimarsinan Road Junction-İldem “As far as I know,… third stage ld, 30 will be connected to Talas through August-University“ Indeed, construction is continuing Dikkat

But ESER Consulting has given this as ver Cumhuriyet Meydanı-Erciyes “M Where is this route? It needs to be clarified uş What is the difference between the application and the route given by the consultant firm? If you want, 1. the number of passengers carried in total and tek one direction per hour toplam is approximate.

If you notice, the rate of increase in the number of passengers carried in ı one direction per hour, is decreasing. This is very remarkable and by nature of the work. Because, after a while, there is a “saturation point Zira.

When we look at the planned number of flights, we see that 99 has a very high performance. But at what frequency was this ğ few wagons ”made? We do not know. That's why we have to make a rough calculation. When the account is yüksel rough ız, our margin of error is rising. In this case, KAYSERAY must give the correct figures.

There is a total time between 9 000 and 9 500 per month. Average, 9 250 expedition. Most of the time this is done by a single, sometimes double, wagon. We can call it the 1,5 wagon. If I haven't read the wagons wrong, a wagon has 341 capacity. In this case, the number of times this year, the actual capacity of 46 million.

When the actual realization in 2012 is 26 million, we do not know the X capacity utilization rate “because we do not know the ğ occupancy rate ıs 57.Tabii, ii active wagon N stock number. From what I mean, Ak backups “can be used at any time.

Of course, we do not know the ”profit and loss“ table of KAYSERAY. Hopefully, KAYSERAY, Gön system capacity ı, “capacity utilization rate say, total number of wagons and v occupancy rate kapas,“ profit and loss KAY etc. gives on site. If there was, I couldn't see Ş

Ha, what they need for, "for the performance of the system". Let's see, let's see, that we can evaluate the "given prizes". Don't be fooled, the ”engineers ır like me approach it, the events. For example, if you consider a public transport, the 365 day 24 does not stop at an open auto terminal. This is the case in Kayseri ”Is it possible to talk about a sağlıklı healthy bir planning in such an environment?

As for me, I am very pleased with the tram. Because there's a stop in front of my house. Therefore I also use a lot. The travel is comfortable, the comfort is nice. But I do not know the “monetary burden” that has taken me as a husband. Who knows, maybe I'm traveling on “others Kim. For this we need to know the actual realizations, as a homeland.

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