CEY Group is also interested in railways

CEY Group is also interested in railways
Cey Group Chairman Ali Avcı, who leased Samsunport for 125 million dollars for 36 years and announced that he had invested 40 million dollars during this period, announced that they were interested in the privatization of railways as well as port privatizations. Ceynak, who leased TCDD Samsun Port from the privatization administration for $2008 million in 125 for 36 years, announced that he was interested in the privatization of railways as well as port privatizations. Ali Avcı, Chairman of the Board of Cey Group, which includes Ceynak under its roof, stated that the infrastructure services of the railways, like airports, can be operated by the public, and that the operation of the railways can be done by transferring them to the private sector. As Cey Group, we are watching closely. Before privatization of railways, infrastructure needs to be improved. Practices on how to do privatization should also be clarified. During this period, we will monitor how the privatization process will be carried out and shape our preparations. An important experience in railway transportation due to Samsunport kazanwe are in a mess. We are ambitious in this field. We think that the privatization of railways will start in 2015,” he said.


CeyGrup Chairman of the Board Ali Avcı, who met with members of the press in Istanbul, stated that they are preparing to open Ceynak, Turkey's largest grain and liquid oil logistics company, to the public. Ali Avcı said, “We are establishing CEY REIT and we will go public”. Stating that they will go public in 2014, Ali Avcı said, “The logistics sector is growing in Turkey. It is necessary to make new investments. we kazanWe are an organization that makes new investments with its We will prepare ourselves for 2023 by opening CEY REIT to the public, where we evaluate our grain silos, liquid oil tanks and other real estates that we have established in Turkey's important ports.”


Turkey pointed out that gradually decreases over the years the importance of railways in the payload Alice Hunter, "1950 percent of passengers on the railways in the 65s, the rate of cargo transportation was 45 percent. Nowadays, only 3-4 percent of the load is carried. "We believe that the high-speed train infrastructure can be used effectively in freight transport, and that railways can play an important role in transporting internal and external trade commodities, in proportion to the increasing trade volume." Ali Avcı said that the railroad will create a good bridge between land and sea by connecting the roads, sea routes and railways together in an integrated system.


Turkey's current account deficit is the most important cause of the hunter reminding the size of Turkey's energy bill, "the land transport truck and tanker traffic in Turkey is still significant. If the fuel is transported not by road but by rail, significant savings are achieved and the damage to the environment is significantly reduced. While it is possible to carry the load of 3 trucks with 1 wagon, it is not meaningful to generate that much cost. We think that truck transportation will become a thing of the past in the near future. In Samsunport, we have come a long way in railway transportation. We connected Sivas and Erdemir. We transport the iron ore mined in Divriği to Erdemir via Samsunport. While nearly 10 thousand tons of iron ore is entering the port a day, there is not even the slightest dust and noise. The people of Samsun can now easily use their balconies and protect their homes from dust. Amasya's marble was always transported by road, now we have managed to shift the marble to the railway. Transporting marble by road is already risky. "The marble produced in Amasya can now be transported by rail to China, Kazakhstan or to any other country in the world. We have made the port suitable for rail transport with private hangars and railway lines in Samsun."


Stating that they leased TCDD Samsun Port from the privatization administration in 2008 for 36 years and took over in 2010, Ali Avcı made the following assessment about the change process in Samsunport:
“Samsun port now serves under the name Samsunport. In addition to the bid price of 125 million dollars, we have made a new investment of 40 million dollars in both infrastructure and superstructure. We transformed it into a brand new port. In our opinion, Samsun has now become an example for other projects in port privatization. When we took over Samsunport, we increased the loading and unloading capacity of 3.5 million tons per year up to 11 million tons. We cannot use a significant part of the capacity yet, but as the ship traffic becomes attractive, Samsunport will become a center of attraction in both import, export and domestic trade. Our goal is to make Samsunport the most important commercial port in the region and increase the ship traffic. There are almost no ports I have not seen in the world. Now, with our investments, we transformed Samsunport into a world-class port with container services, rail and ferry transportation. Captains who used to sail to the port before, when they saw the striking change in Samsunport, they think that they came to another country. "


Turkey Ali indicating that the job they do and warehouses in all major ports Hunter, "in Tekirdag, an important installation as a subcontractor in Mersin, we have evacuation and logistics operations. We have warehouses, warehouses and other investments wherever there is a port. Our goal is to become a logistics company. The future of trade is in logistics. We plan our port investments directly in line with our goals in logistics. Samsunport has reached a very important stage for us. Now, our eyes are on ports under privatization program such as Tekirdağ, İzmir and Derince. We aim to invest especially in developing ports and ports that can be alternative. Industry is now moving from big cities to the periphery. We also make our investments to be close to the industries to serve both as a port and logistically. We aim to use the know-how and experience we have acquired in other ports that we can obtain as a result of privatization.


Ceynak as one of Turkey's largest logistics companies, major commercial and industrial centers and ports in major Ali Avci indicating that the facility has a storage capacity, "Turkey's largest grain warehouses us. Our annual capacity is around 750 thousand tons. Our goal is to increase this figure to 1 million tons. by TMO undoubtedly the biggest silos in Turkey. TMO's capacity is 5.5 million. In the private sector, there is nobody in between. Cey Group has the largest capacity after TMO. "Our grain storages play an important role in wheat import and export as well, due to their features."

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