The decision of the fork's viaduct after the tram

The decision of the fork's viaduct after the tram
Çatalfırın Viaduct, which became a problem, was also a topic of discussion with the construction of the trams on the urban agenda, as it caused traffic jams after the closure of Cumhuriyet Street to the vehicle traffic. Also gave the Metropolitan Square to the viaduct which is not in the Transportation Master Plan Ulaşım

We know that da After the closure of Cumhuriyet Avenue to the traffic, we started to discuss the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct for the first time in these columns.

The reason is:
In order to prevent the locking of the vehicles coming from Şehreküstü to return to the Sculpture and the intersection of the vehicles coming from Altıparmak to return to Şehreküstü, Çatalfırın Viaduct in the period of Teoman Özalp in 1990 solved the problem in spite of aesthetic concerns and criticisms.
Çatalfırın Viaduct itself became a problem when Cumhuriyet Caddesi was closed and the traffic load in this area was shifted to Haşim İşcan as a parallel street.
Haşim İşcan or Fevzi Çakmak two lanes from the streets, traffic, the direction of the single lane in the viaduct to go to the direction is squeezed backwards. To go to the direction of the direction of the vehicles to go to the direction of the viaduct because it fell into a single lane, there is also a nuisance.
Another problem arose when the tram tracks were laid.
This time…
By tram from Altıparmak, vehicles descending from the viaduct crossed. Aside from the inconvenience caused during the construction of the rails, the fact that the traffic at the exit of the viaduct will be cut for a tram crossing every 5 per minute will lead to another crisis.
That's why…
The proposal for the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct found a broader support with the tram. The Chamber of Civil Engineers supported the opinion on Bursa projects.
Dr. It is proposed to remove the transportation master plan prepared by Banner and which is accepted as the transportation constitution of Bursa.
Mayor Recep Altepe announced that the viaduct would be removed after all these developments. But when the tram rails were not laid, the question came to the question: mı The municipality has passed? Fakat
We asked this to President Altepe. He said:
“We are also considering the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct. But first the tram should start working. Then there should be no question about the viaduct in the minds of people. That's why we were not in a hurry. Bu
Rails also clarified:
Var Yes, the rails are now on the left side of the viaduct, but there are also rails on the right. When the viaduct is lifted, the rails are easily laid.

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