Burulaş proposal was not accepted for public transportation in the morning crisis

Burulaş proposal was not accepted for public transportation in the morning crisis
The biggest crisis in public transportation is experienced in the morning. The reason for this is that those who want to go to their jobs or schools are directed to public transportation vehicles such as Bursaray and bus in a certain time zone.
In the morning, the time between 07.00 and 08.00 and even up to 08.30 stands out as the time when the mass transportation means are over-dense.
The initial hours of work of the official institutions are almost the same. As it is, people trying to reach their work or school are forced to travel on top of each other like fisheries.
This causes increasing complaints and reactions.
As in traffic, public transportation vehicles are busy in the evening. But from home to work, home, there is no intensity as much as going to work.
One of the reasons for this is the spread of home returns to the wider time zone.
Burakas made a study in order to eliminate the complaints about morning density in public transportation which caused unpleasantness in Bursaray stations and bus stops.
Working ...
In Ankara and Istanbul, it was seen that the official hours and hours of the schools were gradually determined. In other words, due to the fact that the schools and schools in Ankara and Istanbul have two hours of work time in the schools, the intensity is also distributed.
Upon this…
Burulaş in a letter to the Governor of Bursa, in order to reduce the morning intensity of the official start time divided by two hours suggested that the apartments.
The article ...
It was emphasized that such an application would be beneficial for passenger satisfaction and safety.
In the article sent from Bursa Governor's Office, am The different working hours to be applied between institutions will cause the disruption of the services to be carried out between the two institutions if an institution is in work and the other institution has not started overtime gönder.
That's why…
In order to ensure the integrity between the public institutions and to divide the working hours into two for efficient work, it was not approved.
However Bun
In the governorship's article, Burulaş is also making a proposal:
Esi It would be more appropriate to solve the problem by putting additional flights in order to ensure easy transportation in the hours when the passengers are extremely dense. “
At first glance, the Governor's proposal is perceived as reasonable. But putting an additional time is not as easy as it seems. In addition, additional wagons are required for additional flights in Bursaray. Even if they are all, the cars need to go on the rails at certain intervals.
Therefore, it is not always easy to set up additional voyages.
Besides the…
Burulaş a letter to the Ministry of Education with the request of the school hours sent gradually. In this article, m planning and distribution of day and night hours were determined ası.
The answer to the article is eagerly awaited.

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