Bursan's cable car survey is green-white ahead, but more attractive

Bursan's cable car survey is green-white ahead, but more attractive
Green-white colors are leading in the survey launched by the Metropolitan Municipality on the internet for the color of the new ropeway cabins. However, the color of the silkworm, which is the color of the Silkworm tram, is more popular in the general public.

Continuous readers of these columns know the notes we quoted on Wednesday, May 15. In this article, we announced the survey titled ılan What color should new ropeway cabins be? T launched by the Metropolitan Municipality on bursa.bel.tr website.
For Wednesday, the number of votes used in the first two days of the survey was recorded as 22 bin 367. Entering the web site of the Metropolitan, green, green-white and red colors in the first two days of the first order of the preferences of the 11 bin 835 preferred green-white colors. 53 9 people who made the choice of red made up the 298 of 42. The 6, the 1.238 person, made the request for the green-colored ropeway.
We looked at the survey yesterday.
Although the first two days have slowed down, but the final situation is: the 13 bin 618 is again the first with the green-white 53. The 10 bin 540 is the second with the red percentage 41 and the 1b490 is the third with the 6.
Bursalılar's trend at the beginning of the survey is unchanged. Even if the numbers differ, the ratios are the same.
Since we published the survey on Wednesday, we receive different color suggestions from our readers and friends we meet in different environments.
To be honest…
Bursaspor'dan because of the green-white color is very important for Bursa, "the cable-lift cabin in the green-white color will remain light" concern.
While the attention to the environment "Green disappears among the trees in Uludag, the white is not clear when it snows" opinion is often expressed.
It focuses on two colors for new cabins. First of all, gi The color of the silkworm tram is very impressive. The cable car can also be the same color. Moreover, the integrity of the tools of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is ensured.
Besides the…
For the new ropeway cabins, there are also those who offer night blue or turquoise colors, which add color to Bursa with their vitality.

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