Bursalılar wants the local tram to be green and white

Bursalılar wants the local tram to be green and white
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first indigenous tram produced under the leadership of "Silkworm" rails were showcased. Bursalılar wants the color of the tram green-white.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that they exhibited the first prototype vehicle produced for citizens to see the vehicles they will travel in about 2 months in Kent Square. One of Altepe's election promises and although it is said 'cannot be done', in a short period of 2 years under the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Produced by the firm of Turkey's first indigenous tram citizens saw the square, posed for a souvenir photo next to the tram. Some of the citizens who reported different opinions about the color of the tram and examined the tram said that the color of the vehicle would be more appropriate for the green-white color representing Bursa.
Citizens in the opinion that the tram will greatly relieve the traffic in Bursa, gave a full score to the silk and silk business.

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