Bursa T1 tram line will start operations in September

Bursa T1 tram line will start operations in September
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, T1 tramway construction work is coming to an end, said the end of the trial trial in late June, with the opening of schools, trams would start to travel voyages.

The rails were laid on the T 1 line, and the end of the works. Mayor Recep Altepe, Atatürk Caddesi'nda in his review, the construction work is about to end, expressing the trams in June, trial flights, the opening of schools will start heralded the voyage. Mayor Altepe stated that Bursa has changed its crust and took firm steps towards becoming a modern city and said, ın Bursa is in a great development in every field and the most important development is in the main streets. Bursa's streets change its vision and reach a truly modern European city. Bursa

Altepe stated that the rail system implementations made in ancient countries in the world countries can only be implemented in Bursa this year, sistem The rails were laid in Bursa and the order came to the streets. Tram stops are now being made. 28 m-length trams, around 280 passenger transport vehicles will begin in a short time. Tram We will serve modern trams instead of wheeled vehicles on the main streets of Bursa. Bursa

In addition to the tram stations, the streets are also fully serviced by President Altepe, who said: alın We are creating beautiful, gleaming streets. Red asphalt will be made to the tram line, red and white lights will be laid to the right and left of the line. In the places where the tramway passes, the telegraph arrangement and the buildings are also rehabilitated. Bursa avenues all over the street. Trams will quietly come and go; bride The city will add value to the street. Bursa will meet with the most modern vehicles in the world. This line will be added to the system after the Lightning, including the Bus Terminal, Yalova Road and Çekirge lines will also change the view of Bursa center in a short time. Bu

Reminiscent of the work on the T 1 line is nearing Altepe, currently the power lines for sewing poles, power lines were drawn and transformers were mounted, he said. Noting that even the current workload of approximately 20 remains, President Altepe said, ığ Approx. At the end of June, trams will start their trial. First, the trams will run empty for a while. 20 - 1,5 will start its journeys by trams after months when the schools are opened, X he said.

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