High-speed train line opened in Bulgaria

📩 27/11/2018 16:21

Svilengrad near the border with Turkey in Svilengrad Station, the 18-kilometer high-speed railway line linking Agility service açıldı.şark Express 160 kilometers per hour can go.

Svilengrad near the border with Turkey in Svilengrad Station connects to the Agility 18-kilometer high-speed railway line was opened.

Prime Minister Marin Raykov and Transport Minister Krisiyan Krıstev, who came to Svilengrad for the opening, joined the first voyage on the route as passengers.

Trains will be able to travel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour on the line, which forms part of the modern railway connection between Asia and Europe. The 45-meter longest bridge in Bulgaria, which has been newly built in the 433 million euro section financed by the European Union, also takes place.

Prime Minister Raykov said at a ceremony held at Kapitan Andreevo Customs Gate opposite Kapikule, that the railway infrastructure in the region has not been repaired for 43 years.

Raykov said, “In our contemporary world, the concepts of proximity-distance are no longer measured by kilometers, but by transportation time. "We are determined to complete the entire route that passes through Bulgaria while we are opening a section of only 18 kilometers today."

Transport Minister Kristiyan Krıstev noted that following the successful project, Bulgaria can apply to the European Union for funding for other similar projects in the field of transportation.

The Turkish delegation, including TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal and TCDD Istanbul Regional Manager Hasan Gedekli, also attended the ceremony. Inal TÜVASAŞ General Manager, AA said in a statement he expressed his satisfaction with the close relations between Turkey and Bulgaria.

Stating that TUVASAŞ has recently delivered 30 luxury sleeper train wagons to Bulgaria, İnal expressed his happiness to participate in the opening of the project that brings the two countries closer.

Source: News 3

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