Boluya Train Arrived

Boluya Train Arrived
3. Regional Directorate of Manisa Alasehir Bolu Municipality allocated 30 meters from Station No. 117 56142-ton locomotive ground Karachay Park in his left, was placed with the help of cranes.

Property belonging to the Republic of Turkey State Railways locomotive was brought to two separate chatter. First, the locomotive's 60-meter tracks were installed. The locomotive was then carefully placed on the rails with the help of the cranes brought to the field. Plenty of the Republic of Turkey on the Council's request for State Railways General Directorate of Bolu sent locomotive on information that Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, "the Bolu Municipality, demand these days Karaçayır Park on locomotives and came wagon. Our citizens, especially our children, who did not travel by train in other regions due to the lack of train in our city, did not recognize the train. From this point of view, we thought of such a thing in order for our children to know the locomotives better. From now on, we have a project related to bringing an aircraft and ships. I hope we will bring them as soon as possible. Our city does not have an airport because the plane, the sea is not enough to see our children in ships. Thus, our children will have an idea about the realities of aircraft, ships and locomotives. Böylece

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