A wonderful metrobus stop

A wonderful metrobus stop
A strange metrobus stop in Avcılar… Since there is no place to wait, passengers pass by juggling between vehicles. It's not over… The disabled elevator is surrounded by iron bars. The disabled person getting out of the elevator is confused about what to do.

What comes to mind immediately when we say metrobus? 'The crowd, the confluence, an unbearable environment ...' Painful but true ... And the worst of the job is unsolvable ... As long as the metrobus line is one lane, it is not possible to increase the number of vehicles unless overtaking is possible. Okay, the passengers endure this crowd despite all their torture, but the density is not the only problem in the metrobus… What about the stops that are built unplanned and cause nightmares for the citizens! For example, there is a Küçükçekmece stop that festivities to homes!


Supposedly, there is an overpass to the station, but the bridge goes down to the middle of the E-5, not to the residential area, and those who descend from the pass cross the highway to reach their homes. Of course, the head is on the sofa… Yesterday, with a message sent to the Emergency Complaint Line, I learned that a similar strangeness was happening in Avcılar Parseller Metrobüs Stop. Actually, the picture in Avcılar is even worse… Let me tell you what a problem in the stop full of mistakes from beginning to end, I was also surprised. First of all, getting on and off the metrobus is very, very dangerous. Since there is no place for the citizen to wait, passengers pass through the vehicles, in a narrow place, juggling. It is only a matter of time before those huge buses hit one of them… Then, the disabled elevator was surrounded by iron bars. In other words, the disabled person descending from the elevator encounters the barrier obstacle and wanders around the elevator because he cannot pass directly to the metrobus. Let's say he crossed this difficult track and reached the station. There is no place for him to get on the metrobus. Imagine what someone with a wheelchair goes through when even the disabled pass buses with difficulty.

Citizens who get on the metrobus every day by making acrobatic movements at this stop urgently want a new arrangement, of course, first of all, the removal of the anchors. If the guardrail is removed, at least the way to get on the metrobus will expand and the risk of accident will decrease. Importantly announced to IMM officials ...

Source: Habertürk


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