Description of water interruption due to YHT studies in Bilecik

Statement of water cut due to YHT works in Bilecik: Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı stated that the water cuts that occurred in some parts of the city as a result of the explosions caused by the Karasu Drinking and Utilization Water Line and High Speed ​​Train works were temporary and that they would not occur again in the shortest time.

Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı stated in his statement that there have been water cuts in some regions in the last days. They made significant investments in water as Bilecik Municipality, Turkey's most reliable potable water, Oiler said they provide citizens with a lot of conditions in Turkey under a fee "We are very proud of this. As the Blackwater Drinking and Utility Water Association, we invested around 58 million and built a 126-kilometer line. There are some transitions in some regions. One of them is High Speed ​​Train work. All lines on average pass through the same point. There are problems from time to time. There was an explosion in our water lines last week. The recovery time for this explosion was 1,5 days. Repair work was done. When water was given in the evening, a malfunction occurred again. When there was a breakdown at the same place, the failure occurred again for 1,5 days. Then there was another leak elsewhere. In this region, the High Speed ​​Train operation and the lines are effective in the arrangement of the existing lines as they are in the inclined area. In this transition period, we are experiencing these. Our teams are currently working to give the Karasu line to the line as soon as possible. We are currently supplying water to our city not from Karasu, but from the old lines. There is no problem in places such as Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Hürriyet Mahallesi, İsmetpaşa Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. But our trouble is that according to the new system, there are problems in the upper floors of Nilüfer Houses, Güneş TOKİ and Officer Houses ”.

Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı said, yap After the 15 days, our new warehouses will be activated. Even if Karasu drinking water is a nuisance, we will be able to supply water to our city with our new warehouses. But we haven't received more warehouses. In the meantime, our citizens are experiencing victimization. We are working with all our units to minimize the grievance of our citizens. When we took office in 3, the number of healthy days given water was certain. Today, with the 2004 warehouses we have built, Bilecik will not have any water cuts. I apologize to our citizens for the victimization, iyet he concluded.

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