Railroad for Bayburt is a must!

📩 27/11/2018 16:32

Bayburt Mermerciler Association (BAYMED) President Cihangir Stars, the railroad passes Bayburt transportation costs will be reduced by half, he said. Eastern Black Sea Region, planned to pass through the Erzincan Trabzon Railway project, the Bayburt natural stone industry will provide a statement about the contribution of BAYMED President Cihangir Stars, railway transportation in the world after the sea is the most economical transportation, he said.

Stating that the transportation costs of natural stone and marble operators in Bayburt has reached 245 thousand liras annually, Yildiz said that if the railway passes through Bayburt, approximately 50 of this expense will remain in the manufacturer's pocket.

. Railway transportation is the second most economical transportation after the sea, ine he said, noting that the reduction of transport costs would lead to an increase in production diversity. In this context, even if the transportation costs are less expensive than the 50, around 123 thousand pounds per annum will remain in the pocket of the producer. With this reduction in input cost, our producers will be able to modernize the machinery equipments and turn to R & D activities, increase the product variety and provide additional added value to Bayburt and its economy. Gir

Yıldız gave information about the natural stone sector, Bayburt 12 separate natural stone processing facility, and domestic and foreign markets, these enterprises mainly serving as a block from the Port of Trabzon said that exports. Approximately 2 thousand cubic meters of overseas exports, along with the annual output of 5 thousand cubic meters found that the Star, approximately 50 percent of the domestic exports to the coast of Trabzon and the Black Sea coastal market, he said.

Yıldız stated that the remaining 30 part of the domestic exports is mostly marketed to Istanbul. 3 cheaper than the cost of rail transport, the cost of the 50 more than the cost of the manufacturer to stay in the pocket, ın he said.

Under the EU-IPA 2013 will be implemented at the end of the Bayburt Natural Stone Production Center and annually 5 thousand square meters of production capacity will increase more than 60 also expressed that the Stars, X The railroad from Bayburt to provide financial support to the sector, as well as the transportation problem in foreign and domestic exports will disappear and Bayburt'a benefit is obvious, '' he said.
The fire problem is okay, it's on the way!

On the other hand, some experts in the Bayburt natural stone industry assessment, the railway will go to Bayburt in the city would benefit from the existing natural stone sector, but with half the reduction of transportation costs both in the sector and the number of enterprises will increase the stressed.

Bayburt stone, which stands out as the most ideal product of the art of stone processing with its structure and feature, is emphasized that it can be preferred mostly in the western provinces in terms of resistance against abrasion, while the transportation issue should be solved as one of the biggest obstacles in front of the sector. mine in the neighboring cities 'Natural Stone Industry Information and Technology Based Production Model' with the project, even though the road could be marketed, but the international market for the railway alternative was important.

Experts say that the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway, which is planned to pass through the Eastern Black Sea Region and connects the region to Europe and the Far East, will crown the project named 'Information and Technology Based Production Model in the Natural Stone Sector' and Bayburt stone will be more in the international market in the shortest and most economical way. He added that it will take place a lot.

Source: Bayburt Post

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