Prime Minister Erdogan announces his third love

Prime Minister Erdogan announces his third love
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the third bridge in Istanbul is expected to be described as the 'third love'.
Erdogan said, “I had a third love; Building the third bridge to the Bosphorus. We were saying, 'It should also be our grant. We are now preparing to lay the foundation for the third bridge. Studies continue. We are laying the foundations of the third bridge on May 29th. used the expressions.

Speaking in a program held at the Haliç Congress Center, Prime Minister Erdogan, told the dreams he set up during the mayor. Erdoğan, who has made evaluations about Marmaray, the third bridge and the construction of the airport, said, de I was one of those who set up these dreams. I had dreams when I was mayor of Istanbul. Now I am happy to realize these dreams one by one. One of the most important of them was that they could not accomplish Marmaray. But we said that Marmaray will be realized by us, I hope we will open Marmaray in October on 29. A project spoken centuries ago, our ancestors talked about this project. But none of those who came have done it. Realize now has been the best of us. Despite all the obstacles happened. If we had not obstructed the judgment of us, 4 was opening it years ago. Now this is happening. It is not finished, south of this rail system, with an automobile transition, the double-tube again under the throat of a transition from the bottom are doing. 2015'de it will open, the construction is currently walking.

Stating that he wanted to build the third Bosphorus Bridge, Erdogan said, kur I had a third love; build the third bridge in the throat. We were preparing to lay the foundation of the third bridge. Works continue. 29 We are laying the foundation for the third bridge in May. It's not over, this hall is a witness. Again we had announced this hall; 100 million year capacity in the world's perhaps the number one airport we said we will do. Everyone was laughing at us. He was laughing in the media. Here, we do not pay money, we also receive money. The return of 25 in this year is 30 billion Euros. This rent. 10 million Euros have an investment cost. X


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