Atso Profession Committee Members Said Fast Train And University

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Atso Profession Committee Members Said Fast Train And University
The results of the ATSO Strategic Plan eri Professional Committees Vision Determination Meeting TS, which was organized by Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) with the participation of ATSO Professional Committees, was announced. . High Speed ​​Train da and da Establishing ATSO University un projects came to the fore during the meeting where the vision of Antalya and Oda was evaluated.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Çetin Osman Budak said that they have set a vision for Antalya and ATSO. "Without success, there is no success. A country, city or institution can achieve success through the efforts of all institutions, people and people to achieve common goals. With this awareness, together with the valuable members of the ATSO Professional Committees, which are the representatives of the business world, we determine the vision, sustainable principles and targets for our city and our company ATSO, and to bring out the projects that will support the increase of the added value of our sectors and our projects. We started a series of works to ensure that Antalya is prepared with ambitious goals and projects for the anniversary. The Toplantı Professional Committees Vision Setting Meeting çalış that we realized with the participation of our 100 professional committee member is one of our works X. Budak stated that they talked both Antalya and ATSO during the meeting they held in a busy working tempo for two days and added: lar With our professional committees members, we have set up an 146 vision project for both ATSO and our city. The projects that stand out from these were identified. The projects with the highest number of votes and important were ”High Speed ​​Train“ and ”ATSO University En.


Budak outlined some of the other project proposals as follows:

To expand the rail system for comfortable transportation to the city center, to make metro on some lines, to increase the pedestrian areas in the city center, to set a quota against workplace inflation, to make a monument to be the symbol of the city, to make Antalya the safest city in the world, to revive the tradesmen of the city center. directing the tourism flow to the city center on foot, developing cruise tourism, developing the port, touring tourists in the sample agricultural greenhouses within the scope of touristic sightseeing, opening a library of icons in Antalya, Güllük Caddesi, starting the 100th year, to the traffic of all roads from the old bus station to the sea. to be closed, to hold a logo contest to introduce Antalya to the world. Putting the logo on a visible place on the Antalya airport landing route, evaluating the water flowing into the sea from the Düden waterfall to obtain electrical energy, establishing an ATSO cooperation with 4 big Chambers in the People's Republic of China, establishing a construction company under the leadership of ATSO, social facility establishment, supporting sports activities, making ethical contracts, making 'ATSO Criteria' stickers and distributing them to the companies that meet the criteria, establishing an exemplary ATSO Street or Street where commercial ethics rules are fully established, seeking partnership with domestic and foreign companies, evaluation and announcement of the projects by this office, creating and finalizing projects during the term of the professional committees, shaping the projects with the support of the R&D unit, attending the related committee meetings every 6 months, uninterrupted consultancy service to ATSO members establishing a call center, opening a museum for local products and traditional handicrafts. ATSO pioneered this organization for the establishment of promotion and sales stands in shopping malls, airports, renovation of Kaleiçi walls, construction of Tourism Advisory Offices with ATSO contributions, and the use of technological facilities in these offices, and an open-air museum in Kaleiçi with works in the Antalya Museum, To choose a pilot street, to make the beautification works of the buildings by ATSO, to create regions such as agriculture and tourism market, botanic park, flower sales places, and to create a solution search and detection group consisting of professional representatives to follow the needs and problems of the districts. For each district, determining one responsible from the ATSO Assembly and highlighting local products and brands in the activities held during the year. ”

Project Proposal for 100

On the 2 day of the meeting, Chairman Budak stated that the projects that ATSO could do for the mentioned topics were mentioned., In the second part of the meeting, we looked for the question ise What should ATSO do? Diversification of tourism from our committee members, trade, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation, urban transformation, EXPO 18, environment and energy, education, city center and quality life, branding, development of member services and improving member satisfaction, development of trade and trade ethics, partnership culture and the development of joint ventures among the members, the activation of committees and commissions, being stronger in front of the government and local governments, protecting traditional trades for local products and traditional handicrafts, increasing the share of the city center from tourism, representative offices and interiors What should be done for ATSO? X Over 2016 project proposals came. We have prepared these projects into books and also published on the ATSO website. Thus, in the 100 Antalya Vision, what the ATSO should do and what projects should focus on is a written document X.

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