Antalya 'Transportation Master Plan' proposes metrobus

📩 25/11/2018 18:37

Antalya 'Transportation Master Plan' suggests metrobus: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Consultant and Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü said that Döşemealtı in the northwest and Aksu in the east can be connected to the rail system by metrobus.

Preparing the Antalya Transportation Master Plan, Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü gave information about the Transportation Master Plan, which is expected to come to the Metropolitan Municipality Council in June. Stating that the results show that the rail system will not be needed until 2030, Öncü suggested the metrobus to Antalya. Saying that they also made use of the City Security System (MOBESE) records during the planning process and conducted speed studies, Öncü noted that they also conducted a survey for citizens. Leader gave information about the results of the survey.

Explaining that they conducted an 'urban transportation survey' with 8 thousand 820 citizens in 29 thousand 617 houses throughout Antalya, Öncü said, “According to this, 1 million 431 thousand trips are made daily. 964 thousand of the trips are carried out by vehicles, 453 thousand by pedestrians and 15 thousand by bicycle. 891 thousand of the vehicle transportation takes place outside the neighborhood. 76 percent of the transportation in the neighborhood is done on foot. While 1 million 142 thousand of the journeys pass between home-school and home-work, the remaining part remained at the level of 288 thousand. 55 percent of the trips to school take place on foot. 79,7 percent of vehicles are used in business transportation, ”he said.

Reminding that the rail system is not supported in places where there is no 15 thousand passengers per hour in the DPT's Development Plan, Öncü said, “We have seen that the travel values ​​in Antalya remain below this rate even in 2030”. For this reason, the extension of the rail system in Antalya is not on the agenda, Öncü said, “The number of passengers per hour on the line with the existing rail system is around 8 thousand. The hourly passenger capacity between Döşemealtı-Fatih stop, which is the other busy routes, is 7 and between Meydan and Aksu, it can reach 500 thousand passenger capacity per hour. In these departments, metrobus can be an alternative instead of the rail system, ”he said. Expressing that the 7th Yıl Boulevard will form the main line of the Transportation Master Plan, Erhan Öncü stated that they proposed the "metrobus with surprise stop" system here.

Sharing his predictions about the future, Öncü said that the traffic density in Antalya will increase faster than the population growth rate. Explaining that the trip production coefficient in Antalya, which means the number of trips per person, is 1,37, Öncü said, “The rate of travel by vehicle is 0,92. The coefficient of travel with vehicles outside the neighborhood is 0,81. "This coefficient exceeds 3 in developed and rich countries." Reminding that the population of Antalya city center is expected to reach 2030 million 2 thousand in 200, Öncü said, “With the increase in the welfare level in Antalya, the number of trips per person will also increase. It is expected to reach 2030 in 1,70. Vehicle transportation coefficient will be 1,16 and 1 if it is out of the neighborhood. Today, the number of vehicle trips outside the neighborhood is at the level of 891 thousand. "It will be 2030 million in 2,2".

Cem Oğuz, President of the Antalya Chamber of Civil Engineers, talked about the transportation planning process in Antalya. Stating that the work on urban transportation planning in Antalya started in 1989, Oğuz said, “In 1989, the mayor of the period, Hasan Subaşı, from Akdeniz University. Dr. It was built by Mete Sümer. Later, in 1995, Prof. Dr. "A report of three volumes was prepared as a result of the transportation planning study commissioned by Cüneyt Ekler and his team." Cem Oğuz told LRT Planning Consultancy Rıfat Türkkan in 2000 by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Bekir Kumbul, Antalya and its vicinity transportation study and transportation master plan study was started but could not be completed. Oğuz said, “Later, the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of the time, Menderes Türel, brought the MNL Ltd. Şti. The transportation master plan study was given. The study, which started on February 17, 2005, was completed on June 17, 2005 and received approval from the Metropolitan Municipality council. However, like other studies, no results were obtained from this study, ”he said.

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