In Ankara, the old man's leg hit by a train

In Ankara, the old man's leg hit by a train
While trying to cross the rails in Ankara, the old man struck by the train was broken.
The accident occurred at Etimesgut Güvercinlik Train Station during the night. According to information received, the maintenance work of the YHT'in rail, running across the rails hit Sami Başpınar (80) 's. As a result of the impact, Başpınar was thrown to the edge of the rails, while his leg between the train and the rails was broken off from the wrist. Police and medical teams on the scene of the machine came to the scene.

Health teams tied the broken part of Baspinar wrist bag. After the first intervention by the medical teams, Başpınar and his broken leg were moved to the ambulance. Health teams, a piece of broken foot in the environment for a while to investigate whether. The seriously injured old man was taken to hospital and then treated.

On the other hand, Başpınar's shoes, which came out of his broken foot and stood on the side of the rails, also drew attention. KazanAfterwards, the driver's statement was taken at the police station. An investigation into the accident has been initiated.

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