Tension in kissing in Ankara subway (Photo Gallery)

Tension in the kissing action in Ankara subway
At the Ankara Metro Kurtuluş Station (ANKARAY), the young couple who were waiting on the platform recently and holding hands said, “Dear passengers, please act in accordance with the moral rules. Those who want to protest the announcement “Don't behave immorally” organized for a kissing action in the subway via social media on the internet. The activists who opened a page on Facebook protested the announcement by kissing at Kurtuluş Station at 18.30 today. Tension arose when a far-right group reacted to the kissing couples. The riot is trying to calm the tension by getting between the two groups.

Police and police took measures
At the Ankara Metro Kurtuluş Station, the young couple waiting on the platform and holding hands said, “Dear passengers, please act in accordance with the moral rules. The reactions to the announcement of "Do not act immorally" continue. Those who wanted to protest the announcement started a “Kissing in Kurtuluş Metro” campaign on social media. For this purpose, activists who opened a page on Facebook met today at 18.30 at Kurtuluş Station. The boy and girl activists protested the announcement by kissing. Security measures were increased around the metro stop due to the action. Ankara Police, police teams affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and metro security officers worked in teams and around the station. The police also took security measures at the entrance and exit of the metro station against a possible tension.

The couples, consisting of a group of about 40 people, protested by kissing at 18.30. Meanwhile, a right-wing group of about 20 people reacted to the group that took action. Those who reacted to the protesters chanted takbir, saying, "Even if our blood flows, victory belongs to Islam". When there was tension between the two groups, riot police entered the circuit. The police are trying to calm the protesters and those who react in order to prevent clashes between the groups.

The announcement was carried to the Parliament
CHP Ankara Deputy Levent Gök, who was reached by a large number of citizens at the stop at that time, brought the issue to the agenda of the TGNA. Gök had submitted a parliamentary question to be answered by the Minister of Interior Muammer Güler.

He said "we do not warn the kissers"
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Başkent Transportation and Natural Gas Services Proje Taahhüt Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. (BUGSAŞ) General Manager Ruhi Kurnaz, regarding the announcement that drew reaction, said, “We generally don't have such an announcement. Take hold of hands, sorry we don't even warn those who kiss. It's not just holding hands, it's more extreme ”he said.

Source : gundem.milliyet.com.t is

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