No 1 Meter Rail to Ankara Metro Line

No 1 Meter Rail to Ankara Metro Line
Murat Karayalçın was loaded to Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek.
Organized by the International Politics Academy in DENİZLİ and the Denizli Young Businessmen Association (DEGİAD), the guest of the School of Politics, which he supported, was the former President of the SHP and former President of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, CHP Party Assembly Member Murat Karayalçın. Karayalçın claimed that Melih Gökçek, who has been the mayor for 19 years, could not put a one-meter rail on the metro.

Murat Karayalçın, who gave lectures to students from various universities at the School of Politics held at the EGS Congress and Culture Center, gave information about the mayor's office and his political background. Murat Karayalçın said that Ankara was a forgotten capital and that all important meetings were held in Istanbul. Even the big state-owned banks moved to Istanbul in Turkey, indicating that Karayalçın, "has the knowledge and experience that will make them Ankara. Now it has become a forgotten capital ”.

Reacting to Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek's twitter account that Karayalçın left the municipality with a debt of 2.5 billion dollars, Karayalçın said, "This mayor will send a message with a twetter until midnight, let him sit and work a little." Stating that they implemented a project package in Ankara with the alleged money, Karayalçın said:

`` 1 billion dollars subway, 660 million dollars big Ankara canal project, waste water and rain water separated project, treatment plant, natural gas network around 300 million dollars, the network that the Prime Minister said 'If we sell it for 1 billion 300 million dollars, the public will stick to my side', approximately 2 billion dollars. To me, one of the most strategic investments Mamak municipality of Turkey Cankaya viaduct-$ 150 million. It goes like that. Are these projects done with the municipal budget. If these projects were carried out with the municipal budget, Melih Gökçek, who has been mayor for 19 years, would have added 24 meter rail to our 1-kilometer metro project. If he has not been able to add even a meter to the rail network for 19 years and has not been able to get a loan from outside, the claim is self-evident. That is, Karayalçın borrowed what he did, bought land, bought a ship for his son. He invested. The important thing is Karayalçın's 2.5. It is able to get a billion dollar loan. He has not been able to get a loan for 19 years. If the international lenders haven't given you a loan and you haven't been able to do that, then your management skills will come out.

Karayalçın also said that he sees the projects he has done in Ankara as his own child and said, "I compare my projects to my children, others can manage, but they are my children."

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  1. An urgent rail system should be built between ankara and Gölbaşı because its population does not respond to the need.