Everything on the rail

Everything on the rail
After the rail renewal works that will take about 6 months from Sivas to the Armenia border, Doğukapı, train services will be carried out in a healthier and safer environment.
Rails repaired by State Railways will be fully renovated after 44 years. Next to the 112 kilometer renovation, 39 rails will be replaced by 49 rails.
AK Party Kars deputy DLH Former General Manager Ahmet Arslan, ongoing repairs of the ongoing repair of railways in the village of Çatak where the investigation began. Ahmet Arslan AK Party Kars Provincial Chairman Ensar Erdoğdu, together with the Provincial Assembly Speaker Muzaffer Yagci Railway Job Erzurum Branch President Yusuf Gokcay, Transport Officer-Sen Province Chairman Muharrem Toraman, Poz Amiri Ugur Sahin, Traffic Coordination Manager Alaattin Ugurlu, Garage Manager Yılmaz Ocak, General Secretary of Railway-Business, was also accompanied by Dinçer Yılmaz.
Replacing the repair work at the beginning of the railcar on the track, the deputy Ahmet Arslan and those accompanying him, opened the lid of the giant workers for the food they made their rail workers. The lambs cooked in boilers were first served to the journalists with their own hands, and then he tasted them. Arslan also prevented the sheep from being sacrificed because of the repair work. Arslan during the work of the workers from the hands of the earthmoving machine with the wheel bolt tightened, and then the studies by examining the authorities received information. Arslan said that they will make the necessary efforts for this. Arslan also mentioned the difficult times of railway workmanship and pointed out that the works in this area were carried out meticulously and that the passengers were not victimized. He also thanked the workers and the managers by expressing that the works were done at appropriate times for the train passing times and no disruptions were made.
Arslan said that the renewal of the railway that will be constructed up to the Armenian border leads to the idea that the Doğukapı will be opened, and that Armenia, which is occupied by Armenia, must be withdrawn from the Nagorno-Karabakh territory in order to open Doğukapı. Otherwise Arslan stated that the opening of the door would not be possible, recalling that Turkey's mainly alternatively BTK much more important work to signature, so he said, adding that the victims of Kars.
AK Party Kars Deputy Ahmet Arslan; . You are doing a difficult job, I wish you the convenience. Today the weather is nice but we know that sometimes snow, rain, type, storm is happening. Sometimes you have to work under the sun in very hot weather. I can understand you very well as someone who comes through this. I would like to thank you and your colleagues in this sense once again. Erzincan, Sivas, a renovation work starting today in Kars, Eastern Gate'daydeda we are. On the road renewed about 44 years ago, you are trying to renovate the 112 mileage and renew the tracks. Not only do you renew it, you are turning 39 rails into 49. This is much more modern, much more beautiful, and you make it suitable for today's technology. You can make use of the trains on their own and make them comfortable in terms of comfort. So today we wanted to be with you and be with you today, which is the first day you started. In order to serve our hometown and our people, you are making efforts to make the railways more modern. In this sense, we would like to thank all those who contributed to our ministry, from you, to our general directorate, as the people of the region, as the deputies who took the responsibility of the people of the region. Mem
Ahmet Arslan underlined that he will be the ambassador in order to obtain 6 worker working days in Elazığ, Bingöl, Amasya, Sivas, Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars. Iyor When I land on this type of field, like you guys, I remember the days when I was on the field like a young engineer who was your supervisor and he gives me a different pleasure. I have worked as a project manager until 179-60 year. Approximately 27-28 years ago, especially on the temporary workers working on the month of 4 the general directorate, both the union and the union of such employees have made a serious effort to pass the staff. Our 5 friend, who spent a few months to fill the 6 month, took advantage of this. Friends of the 6 moon below the expectations of her I know also frankly that expectations come true, we'll continue to work together with friends who work on the field as you. I will act as the embassy to bring this situation to the government. I believe that we will take the lead in this matter. Ş
Iştir The railroad is a work that seems very easy when viewed from the highway but it is very difficult when you are in it. Because when the railway closed it and tuck whether I need to turn in a few hours, otherwise it remains to departing passengers on the road in Istanbul, staying on the Highway to İzmir and therefore it is just that it is becoming a problem covering the whole not the province of Turkey. As someone who knows the importance of keeping the road open, I congratulate you on your efforts again. We are also with you in the renovation work during the month 6, we are ready to do whatever is falling to us.
In the Akyaka district, the question of whether the repair works of the journalists on the railroads should be done until the boundary of the Eastern Door which is closed with Armenia is the question of mı Will the East Door be opened? Yapıl, Arslan said: The Eastern Gate should be opened and we develop our trade by opening our railway-connected roads in Armenia. I want the East Gate to be opened as someone who takes this responsibility. But as long as there is a real brother to take occupation of Azerbaijan in Karabakh Armenia and Azerbaijan as long as that problem resolved within the framework of Turkey's international policies that do not open the door. Of course, different relations are developing, a number of things can be said in the framework of international relations. If necessary, you can also congratulate the President of Armenia when elected. It is the courtesy rule of foreign affairs policy. But the foreign affairs policies of the Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's words coming out of the mouth is very important. The people in Armenia want at least the opening of the Eastern Door as well as the Turkish people, we want the brotherhood to develop, but we want the Diaspora to withdraw from that work, whether the Karabakh problem should be solved and Azerbaijan and Armenia should develop good relations. Let's not forget the problem of brotherly Azerbaijan, let us know that when we have a problem, Azerbaijan will be a partner in our problem, but we want to solve our problem with Armenia. Neighboring trade, tourism, we want to develop. When instead these conditions, it will also open the door inevitable, but Turkey is not a country that sits tied the hands, growing in Turkey is a country which has a say, and thus improving the trade is doing that if you need to make the BTK project in order to reach Central Asia, Kars in In order not to condemn the region, he gives all kinds of support on the route from London to Beijing to be an intersection. adına
Stating that they wanted the Akyaka people as much as the opening of the Doğukapı, Arslan stressed that the state had made a decision because of the international policy of the state. I The border crossing cannot be opened unless Armenia withdraws from the occupation of Karabakh an.

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