Every Monday Music Show in Adana Metro (Photo Gallery)

Every Thursday Music Show in Adana Metro
ADANA Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and Çukurova University (CU) State Conservatory signed a project called "Art in the Metro" to bring the passengers together with art and increase the interest in music. Within the scope of the project, 16.00 conservatory students started playing live music, like guitars, in the metropolitan cities of Europe, playing guitar, saxophone and trumpet every Monday between 19.00 and 3.

Passengers using the Adana Metro accompanied the music performance offered by Refik Koral Kısakürek, Mustafa Okutan and Serdar Tellioğlu, playing different instruments, even though he was surprised by the music performance presented by the students of the CU State Conservatory Music Department. Adana Metropolitan Municipality Rail Transport System Stations Group Chief İlknur Arslan Çolak noted that Adana Metro offers music concerts at Akıncılar, Anadolu Lisesi, İstiklal and Governorship stops and metro services. Stating that they are trying to reach international standards and to meet the expectations of the passengers at the highest level, Çolak said, “We brought our passengers on the subway together with art and created a good synergy. These kinds of projects will continue. We are waiting for everyone on the subway. ”

ÇÜ State Conservatory Director Mustafa Bayık said, “We wanted to raise awareness with this event. While bringing people together with music, we aim to increase the interest in our conservatory and ensure that the students are directed. Interest in the event was very good. Everyone conveyed their appreciation. We think it will attract more attention, ”he said. While the passengers applauded the students who presented music concerts, they thanked those who realized the project.

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