Metro Borrower of Adana Metropolitan Municipality

Metro Borrower of Adana Metropolitan Municipality
Minister Veysel Eroğlu made a mistake while praising the Ak Party municipalities. Unfortunately, it is Aytaç Durak, the mayor of the Ak Party, who is currently charging the Adana Metropolitan Municipality. It is Aytaç Durak who cannot give direction to the municipality while he is an Ak party who causes big troubles in every rain of the city. I wish Mr. Minister would know these facts.

We, together with Mr. Taner, have shouted that Aytaç Durak's subway investment pushed the city into a debt swamp that would last for years. The Adana metro, which Alarko firm should not accept and Aytaç Durak insistently defends, is the only reason for the current debts of Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

The daily interest of the Adana subway, which costs approximately $ 800 million dollars, is 100.000 dollars. If anyone thinks that this figure is not correct, the proof is very simple. Although Aytaç Durak said that this figure was not correct, he was only angry that we proved otherwise. The debt that the Adana Metropolitan Municipality has to pay is the debt that the Ak-party Aytaç Durak imposes on the city.

Let us write the daily interest rate once again, and let us present the interest rate that one does not want to believe to your consciences. Aytaç Durak received 600.000 million dollars at an annual interest of 6. The annual 6 interest of this amount is 36.000.000 dollars. So you should pay monthly 3.000.000 dollars. If we divide the monthly interest of 3 million dollars by the 30 day, the daily interest of 100.000 dollars is, does anyone object?

It is unscrupulous to hold Zihni Bey and his esteemed team, who have ruled our Adana for only 3 years, responsible for the debts of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which is trying to be paid today. I don't have the problem of favoring or laundering Mr. Zihni and his precious administration, I just show the real face of the deliberate and unscrupulous slanders against this team.

Of course, our esteemed minister and the AK Party government have a responsibility to deal with the metro trouble because Aytaç Durak should not have approved the loan that Aytaç Durak wanted to get despite this interest burden. Now, the Ak party has replaced the metropolitan municipality. kazanIf it is transferred to the ministry together with the debts of the sa and metro, is it a right? Wouldn't this be against our Prime Minister's order not to be partisan?

At present, if the 40 of approximately% of the money that should be paid to the Adana Metropolitan Municipality is interrupted to the subway borrowings made during the time of Aytaç Durak, we can only applaud the current management. In spite of such interruptions, shouldn't it be appreciated if Mr. Zihni and his esteemed team are working on the reconstruction of the city at hundreds of points?

While the current team tries to serve despite this huge rate of money cuts, they are also facing hundreds of investigations with no criminal elements.

Adana, whether Zihni bey or not in this style of debt in the swamp, the city's unity and solidarity from the dark bullies trying to disrupt the biggest problem is our source of damage.

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