The hunger strike of the train coming back to the Gürsu leg

The hunger strike of the train coming back to the Gürsu leg
High Speed ​​Train;
Eskişehir-Bilecik line is still under construction.
Bilecik-Yenişehir and Yenişehir-Bursa line construction.
According to planning;
At this stage, 15 tunnel, 7 viaduct, 40 gateway will be found, and this line of 75 will cost 1 billion liras.
With the train coming to Bursa, Bursa-Yenişehir-Bilecik-Eskişehir-Ankara route will fall to 2 hours 15 minutes.
While the Turkish State Railways was bringing its high-speed train to Bursa, it identified two stops.
One to Yenişehir and the other to Gürsu. The routes were determined accordingly.
So what;
Last year, the village headman of the 10 led by the Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture, claimed that the high-speed train would harm the agricultural lands, demanded the removal of the Gürsu station and started a hunger strike.
It will be recalled;
The hunger strike, which started in Gürsu, ended when the AK Party provincial chairman Sedat Yalçın and AK Party deputy Mustafa Öztürk went to Gürsu in the middle of the night and told him that the station had been canceled.
Upon the articles on the subject, Süleyman Karaman, the General Director of the Turkish State Railways, called us by telephone and stated that the Gürsu station was removed from the project and two stations would be established in Yenişehir.
So what;
This time he was back on his feet.
And the Gürsu leg of the High Speed ​​Train turned almost to the, puzzle Ve board.
Because the dynamics of Gürsu, Gürsu station removed from the project, they took action to return to Gürsu.
In this direction;
The chairman of GÜSAB, Yunus Aydın, the President of City Council İbrahim Aslan, Transporters, Minibuses, Taxis and Truckers Room President Recep Kaya, Vice President Şeref Göktaş and City Council Vice President Talat Öztürk were our guests yesterday.

The results of the i Gürsu Organized Industrial Zone High Speed ​​Train Project Awareness Survey “.
Gürsu City Council passed the u High Speed ​​Train Project Rationale Report Gür.
In this direction;
Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik and State Railways General Manager Suleyman Karaman also discussed the negotiations.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın'a said the subject and scientific studies.
And also;
At this point, in the high-speed train project, Gürsu stated that there was no deviation in the station;
In this direction, as well as Gursu, with the participation of businessmen in Kestel, Yildirim and Barakfakihli tomorrow in Bursa, a large-scale press release will be made, the fast train project is put in the first, then removed and the importance of the Gürsu station will come back again.

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