Cukurova Airport with all roads will come to Mersin in Turkey

Cukurova Airport with all roads will come to Mersin in Turkey
Today, the foundation of all roads to be taken will be in Turkey with Mersin Cukurova Airport. After highway, railway and port, the city will reach all four.
After Istanbul, Turkey's strategic location as a candidate to become the second most important air base Cukurova Airport foundations are being taken today. in the middle of Adana and Mersin, Tarsus Yenice- Kargılı to be established in Turkey's southern export gateway airport located in Mersin it is expected to provide great benefits. With the establishment of railway, highway, port and finally the airport, Mersin will have a transportation network. Thanks to this airport, where the cargo planes can land, the city will become an warehouse center by making an attack in exports.

The airport is expected to increase the attractiveness of the province in terms of investment. Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Chairman Sabri Tekli said that they had difficulty in meeting the investment demands even at this stage. Explaining that the third will be held in Mersin with two OIZs, Tekli said, "3 companies are waiting in line to enter the new OIZ". 100 industrialists operate in Mersin, which exports 1 billion 300 million dollars. 160 percent of these companies export to the Middle East and North African countries.

Turkey's Cukurova Airport also indicated that exploits the $ 1.5 billion export fresh fruits and vegetables. Airport, is located in the region in the fresh fruit and vegetable store location in Turkey. Exports to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Russia in one week will be reduced to one day by air cargo. The airport also contributes significantly to the Tarsus-Kazanlı Tourism Center in Mersin. Investments are expected to accelerate in the region, which is planned to have 32 thousand beds.

According to information received from the Cukurova Airport operator Airport Construction and Operating Co., which will be installed on the air side of the first free zone in Turkey. Agriculture and other export products will be stored in warehouses. “Çukurova will be the second largest port after the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul,” the company official said.

Adana Hacı Sabancı OSB President Bekir Sütçü said that Çukurova will accelerate the trade of Adana and Mersin. Sütçü stated that it would be a great advantage to fly abroad and said, “We had to hold meetings with our foreign guests in Istanbul. We were transferring when we were going somewhere. We will be very comfortable on this matter. ”

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