Why TULOMSAŞ is Not Included in Tramway Project

Why TULOMSAŞ is Not Included in Tramway Project
President of MUSIAD Sıtkı Karaca criticized the Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen in his statement about the tram lines. Karaca said in his statement: düşün We would like to share our thoughts about tram and rail systems as Eskişehir Müsiad branch.

First of all, it should be noted that the Eskişehir Rail System is a project that started in the late Aydın ARAT period. Aydın ARAT, the mayor of the period, started the rail system works in Eskişehir and the first project of the rail system in 1994 was prepared by the Middle East Technical University. A protocol was signed for the maintenance of the maintenance in TÜLOMSAŞ. The project could not be started with the death of Aydın Arat. The project, which was implemented during the Büyükerşen period, has made a protocol with TÜLOMSAŞ on the rail systems, but after the 1999 year, the Tramway project has been far from its beginning. Not to make wagons to TÜLOMSAŞ, even the protocols have not been fulfilled. While we were aiming to produce our own tram at first, due to the wrong choices, we have become dependent on abroad and our money has escaped abroad. This project, which can provide thousands of jobs and added value to our city, has gone out of business purpose because of wrong route choices and wrong choices.

Now you may have come to the question of where our dear members of the press came to our minds? As a result of our visit to Bursa, the study started by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to produce its own tram led us to make this press release. Regardless of the political idea in our province in the late Aydın ARAT period, this was planned and started exactly 17 years ago, if the work with the protocol with TULOMSAS, wrong preferences were not made wrong steps were taken in the 17 year you think of the point. producing the tram of their city, as well as to their city or even all of Turkey was not even a province to be sincere tram selling abroad. We are an organization that constantly expresses that we do not evaluate the opportunities well and we should evaluate. For many years since the flour sugar sugar, but because of unnecessary tension halva can not do because of a iliz. As long as we are, we are responsible for staying behind the cities we compete in time.

Having a well-established organization like TÜLOMSAŞ, which is the center of railways, our city has lost this event to Bursa and it is a situation that we all need to think about taking our head between our hands. Art is beautiful, social projects are beautiful. It should be supported. However, as long as there are no industrial investments in the city, social projects have no meaning. Assuming that a project planned for 17 years ago is the worst case, ten years ago, you can think of where Eskişehir is a factory that produces 10 for years, and then Eskişehir will be the European city.

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