Asphalt Road Construction Works Started in Yozgat Yerköy

Yozgat's Yerköy district with the spring season asphalt road construction work began.
Yerköy Mayor Mehmet Ağaoğlu said in a statement that they started the asphalt works on the streets and streets whose infrastructure works were completed in the district. Ağaoğlu said, “We accelerated the asphalt road construction works in Yerköy with the arrival of the spring season and the warming of the weather. As part of the asphalt road construction works, we have reached the main streets such as the Government Street and Vatan Street, starting from the Kale Mahallesi bridge in front of the Yerköy Municipality Fire Department. In asphalt road construction works, we conduct the roads by making connections to each other. ” said.

Source: mynet



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