3rd Airport doubled the Greek part

3rd Airport doubled the Greek part
The total investment cost, together with the rental price of the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul, is approaching 47,7 billion dollars (90 billion liras), while this cost is more than twice the Gross Domestic Product of the European Union (EU) member countries, the Greek part of Cyprus and Estonia. is more than 2 times the GDP of Turkey.

At a time when prescription pain trying to emerge from the crisis with the EU countries, the region's economic and political structure of "base of stability" has become Turkey, the largest infrastructure investment is having a life.

  1. Among the projects worth billions of lira, such as the Bridge, Canal Istanbul, nuclear power plants, the Gulf Bridge, which will reduce the distance between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 hours, and Marmaray, the third airport to be built in Istanbul was the most striking.

The joint venture group, which won the tender for the airport to be implemented by the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, will invest approximately 10 billion euros, 25 will pay the public more than 22 billion euros against the annual operation and pay taxes close to 4 billion euros. So 3. the cost of the airport to the investor will find 36,4 billion euros (47,7 billion dollars and 90 billion pounds).

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) data, the cost of the 3rd airport to the investor, reaching 47,7 billion dollars, surpasses the GDP of 27 countries of the EU, which has 6 members, and approached the GDP of 2 members of the union.

  1. airport twice the Greek Cypriot GDP

The investment cost of the new airport is doubling the GDP of the Greek Cypriot side, which had troubled times due to the heavy investments made by the banking sector in Greece and could not overcome the damage from Greek government bonds.

While the GDP of the Greek Cypriot side decreased by 2012 billion dollars compared to 2 to 23 billion dollars, this figure is expected to continue its downward trend in the coming years.

The GDPs of the EU member states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Slovenia were also below the investment cost of the 3rd airport.

The cost for the investor of the 5rd airport, which is more than 2 times the GDP of Malta and more than 3 times the GDP of Estonia, approached 2 times the GDP of Latvia and surpassed the GDP of Slovenia and Lithuania.

Bulgaria and Luxembourg ahead with nose

  1. The investment cost of the airport, which amounts to 47,7 billion dollars, is also "rivaling" with the economies of Bulgaria and Luxembourg, which are the medium-sized economies of the EU. With its GDP of 2012 billion dollars in 51, Bulgaria surpassed the mentioned investment by 3-4 billion dollars.

Luxembourg's GDP of 2012 billion dollars in 56 is approximately 3 billion dollars more than the investment cost of the 8,5rd airport.

2018 will be completed at the end

150 thousand tons of iron steel, 3 thousand tons of aluminum materials and 350 thousand square meters of glass will be used in the construction of Istanbul's 10rd airport, which will be one of the largest airports in the world with an annual capacity of 415 million passengers when its construction is completed.

The airport is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

GDP of EU countries

Source : I ekonomi.haberxnumx.co

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