Railway workers on strike in Zonguldak and Diyarbakır

Railway workers on strike in Zonguldak and Diyarbakır

In Zonguldak, the 1 day-to-day action
The United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) Provincial Representative Office, as well as across the country in Zonguldak, 1 did a day-to-day action.
BTS Zonguldak Province Representative Ejder Koçak Miners' Memorial with some of the trade unions affiliated to KESK together with their branch heads and members said, ong In accordance with the neo-liberal policies envisaged by global capital. The state monopoly on railways is expected to be lifted. Demir
The privatization process initiated regarding port management and suburban services, which are within the service integrity of TCDD, accelerated with the regulation made. kazanIn his statement, Koçak said, “While it is mentioned that the abolishment of the state monopoly in railway transportation with the regulation to be made, there is a danger that new monopolies will form by subordinating this field to domestic and international capital in the process. This will cause both a blow to our national economy and the punishment of our people who benefit from railway services by making use of this service at a more expensive cost.
The incentives for the retirement of specialized personnel with this draft propose a significant proportion of the experienced and specialized railway passengers. The statements made in the bill 'make and operate' expressions that express the hidden intentions. The draft law provides for a flexible, unregulated and precarious working system. While the ratio of the cost of meeting the expenses of the TCDD, which once served with the 80 thousand workers and civil servants, was at the level of 52, today, the total amount of 5 thousand employees including the 32 thousand employees employed in the railways can meet the 26 of the revenue / expense. This result is not caused by the employees. With the entry into force of the law on the grounds that the profit does not profit many trains will be removed from the expedition. As a result of the decision taken in 16 April 2013 also decided to leave a day's work using our power from production. We will not allow this law of destruction prepared by the AKP government and tried to be served by false statements under the name of liberalization. We will not allow you to become a slave of capital. We are once again warned by our employees and our people for this draft law which has not yet been discussed in the General Assembly of the Parliament. We will continue our struggle in the determination of the actions and activities our union has taken M.


One-day job quitting action in Diyarbakır
Railways employees went on a 1-day strike in Diyarbakır to react to privatization.
Members of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Diyarbakır Branch affiliated to the Public Workers Union Confederation (KESK) came together in front of the station and made a halay press statement. Making a statement on behalf of the members gathered, BTS President Ahmet Kesik said, “Following the submission of the draft law to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the March 31, 2013 for the withdrawal of the bill as a Platform of Organized Organizations, foundations and unions organized by our union and the Turkish Transportation Sen (TUS). date of Turkey's six-point of Edirne, Adana, Izmir, Van, Samsun, Kars 'the TCDD Customizable No' started a march called press at designated points along the route in the description of the city center walks have been made, our public the report prepared and railwaymen were informed " said.
Expressing that the draft law has negativities, Kesik said that this bill is reflected in the railroads of neo-liberal policies, that the safety of traffic is weakened, accidents increase, the precarious, flexible and unregulated business life should have the right to promote the informal sector. Kesik stated that the bill has negative consequences and 3. said that the accident in the countries of the countries increased. Kesik said, ”It is a fact that passengers and freight carriers benefiting from railway transportation started to benefit from this service more expensive, the number of employees decreased rapidly during the process, a significant part of the employees were from their jobs and even in some countries, it was a reality. Bu
Cutouts, April 16 2013 24 hours of the day they want to withdraw the strike in all railways in Turkey reported that the bill would continue their struggle against the bill otherwise.








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