High-speed rail investment is slowing for Yozgata

High-speed rail investment is slowing for Yozgata
Tarık Yılmaz, the News Director of the ini İleri endi newspaper, announced that the opening date of the high-speed train line, which was previously announced to be in service in 2015, was postponed to 2016; this date 2017 or even 2018 can be shifted to the year, stating UM What is strange; "High Speed", the name itself is fast, but as for other investments Yozgat 'slow' says' he wrote.

News Editor Tarik Yilmaz, Deputy Prime Minister and Yozgat Deputy Bekir Bozdag last weekend, Sahin Hill Social Facilities press members organized press conference for members of the "Bozdag and Yozgat" titled 2 serial review evaluated.

Like Nasreddin Hodja's fil

Yilmaz, in his first article on this topic Yozgat politics, care for a elephant to be taken out of the village to be quite costly and cumbersome village with the Sultan's presence in the presence of the Sultan, who left him alone, an elephant who wants an elephant Nasreddin likened likened to Hodja.

'Troubles' turn into 'thank you' until we go to the Prime Minister

Yilmaz said, ed The word you say is a lie until the clock tower circumambulates once. In the past, problems in politics began to dissolve from the provincial president. While the business cards with the 'Hamil-i kart yakınımdır' are often used for political affairs, people did not have to reach the MP or the minister. Even the central district chairman was a sufficient authority for the solution of most problems, or for the realization of the expectations of the people. What about now? Nowadays, there is no provision for the deputies, nor is there a healthy way of reaching problems, expectations, demands from the bottom up. Just like 'ear to ear', the problem that is said from below gives a thank you, a compliment, or a return to something so strange '.

Bozdag's press conference did not hope

In the second article about this subject, Yilmaz evaluated the statements made by Deputy Prime Minister and Yozgat Deputy Bekir Bozdağ in Yozgat and gave his answers to the questions about Bozdağ, ring road debate, new incentive law, giving up defense industry investments, road problem, high speed train line and airport. He commented.

The issue of the Ring Road

Regarding the ring road of Bozdag 'City breaks down, some of the land in the city devalues ​​do not participate in the concern clearly noted that Yilmaz, "Greats, hometown Nohutlu and Çamlık between, the economy of the High School Street, this day from the side of the neck of the officer seated in his neck like a short cut Yozgat '.'

Stating that there is a need for a serious opening to save Yozgat from being trapped in two streams, Yılmaz said, ciddi This is a ring road, it becomes an airport, it becomes a high-speed train, I do not know what happens; but something must be in spite of someone even if it hurts! ama

Incentive hopes fell into the water

Deputy Prime Minister Bozdag "Old encouragement will not revive, work on the regulation of insurance premiums continues to work," he said Yilmaz, said this statement, all hopes to fall into the water, he said.

Was Yozgat's situation unknown when promised?

Yilmaz, National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, Yozgat in the field of defense industry, reminded the idea of ​​investing, after Bozdag, "Investor intends, comes to Yozgat; but the lack of staff, spare parts and Organized Industrial Zone is not enough to be going Böl he commented. Yilmaz, found the following evaluation:

Un Minister of National Defense (Sivasli) who promised the defense industry Ismet Yilmaz, Yozgat about the defense industry, promised to invest in Yozgat's OIZ, personnel status, spare parts are not produced? Already in Yozgat, tank, ball, rifle aircraft, not to produce spare parts of such weapons was called. But now Bozdag says different, 'it won't be.' Ama

2015 was 2016; 2017 can also, 2018 X

Yılmaz stated that the opening date of the high speed train line, which was previously announced to be in service in 2015, was postponed to 2016 and said, N What is strange; "High Speed", the name itself, "fast", but like other investments in Yozgat "slow" says.

Yilmaz, ı Elmadağ route due to technical difficulties 2015 announced as the end date of the 2016'dan announced that Bozdag. At that moment I realized that this is the end of the business. So 2017, 2018 can also. As a journalist, I will no longer be fooled by the deception of the nation. In the opening of the Call Center, the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim gave the date as 2015, and the experts on the subject said, 'Come on, don't even imagine 2016'.
Who do you believe now?

Will it result in a corrupt road investigation?

In his article, Bozdag'ın, Yozgat's corrupt paths in the comments about the Yilmaz, Bozdag'dan corrupt paths Yozgat'a reva after waiting for a response to those who see veren But what I expected anger, nor an answer to the question came. Just start a ministerial investigation into a department. So 'mış' dedi 'This summer Yozgat's road problem will not remain,' said Mr. Bozdag. I don't know, does this discourse give consolation to my expectations or not? Söy

No budget allocated to the airport this year

Bozdag said that Yozgat Airport will be put into service on the same date as the high-speed train line, Yilmaz said. Bozdag, 'scroll budget to start' he says; But is there anything promising between what we've been talking about? ama

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