Native tram Silkworm Turkey's Agenda (Photo Gallery)

📩 27/11/2018 15:46

Native tram Silkworm Turkey's Agenda
The Council of Friends, composed of ministers, deputies, governors, district governors, university rectors, prosecutors and businessmen, was impressed by the local tram 'Ipekböceği' produced by the Metropolitan Municipality during the Bursa meeting.
Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, the governor of İstanbul, was the honorary chairman of Prof.Dr. Founded under the leadership of Nevzat Yalçıntaş and coordinated by journalist Sami Özey, members of the Assembly of Friends met in Bursa. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Governor Sahabettin Harput, Yildirim Mayor Özgen Keskin, former ministers Ali Coskun, Istanbul Deputy Governor Hayrullah Ibrahim Sun, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, Rumeli Balkan Federation President Ayhan Bölükbaşı and businessmen from Istanbul and Bursa participated.

policy in Turkey, industry, arts, sports, education and press in Bursa leading figure in the community, providing information about the work they put into practice the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, said they continue the service of worship love, on Metropolitan 20 years made investments said they fit the year 4. Expressing that Istanbul has a great importance for Bursa with its population of approximately 14 million, President Altepe stressed that they have implemented all kinds of investments in order to get closer to Istanbul. Not only the residents of Bursa, but also the Istanbul'larin 2,5 months before the start of the sea voyages BUDO recorded President President Altepe, such a short time 70 thousand passengers and they will reach the end of the month until the end of the 100 thousand passengers will reach the goal stressed. Again, Istanbul Istanbul between the 18 minute seaplane flights from the first day of great interest to the President Altepe who expressed interest, thousands of people in the past and come to Istanbul as the number of minutes came to reach the limited access to the minute. Altepe, stating that they continue to take decisive steps in order to build the future of Bursa, stated that although the plans are not in practice, the roads that are not in practice have emerged in this period and their neighborhoods have reached the social reinforcement area and parks this time.

President Altepe, they evaluate the strength of the industry in Bursa presentations in the best way possible, Metropolitan pass through all tests of Turkey's first indigenous tram produced in consultation stressed that the Municipality has obtained the right to participate in the tender. President Altepe, local trams producing company, such a short time to deal with foreign partners and Italy's rapid train infrastructure will start production in Bursa, said the series. The guests who supported the local tram production project with applause were able to test their silkworm on the tracks. Taha Aydın, the Consultant to the President of the Metropolitan Municipality, who is the project coordinator, explained the technical features of the Silkworm in the tramway at Burulaş test track. Turkey's first indigenous tram for a short ride with the opportunity to find the Friends of Assembly members, congratulated the company performs Metropolitan Municipality and production.

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