Turkey is growing interest in the foreign railway transporters

📩 27/11/2018 15:45

Turkey is growing interest in the foreign railway transporters
With the latest developments in railway freight transport, infrastructure of transport systems, security and
European-Asian Railway Forum on integration issues, 12-15 March dates
was in Prague.

M Dialogue between Railways and Customers Ar, the Turkish transport and logistics sector
UTİKAD Board Member and Chairman of the Railway Working Group Hacer Uyarlar attended the event.

OSJD (Czech Republic Railways Cooperation Organization), UIC (International Association of Railways) with JERID -OLTIS
is organized by UNIFE (European Railway Industry Association), CER (European Railway and
18 international enterprise with CCTT (Trans-Siberian Transport Coordination Council)
gave support.

In the Euro-Asia forum, railway border crossings, simplifying e-procedures, in Europe and Asia, new
railway systems and corridors, railway transportation development perspective with East-West connections
Topics covered.

Transportation, shipment tracking, exceptional shipments, tariff and price formation, rail freight transport, modern logistics
solutions, promotion of intermodality, support for international cooperation, cross-border trade and customs, e-
trade, railway freight competition in the market, combined and container transport and cooperation between railways,
In the forum where the topics of “green transportation” are discussed, incentives, infrastructure for the development of international projects,
security and legislation should be reviewed.

In his speech at the Forum, Hacer Uyarlar gave information to the participants on Turkish rail transportation,
One of the most comprehensive organizations on European-Asian international railway transportation
found the following reviews about. Ülke From Russia to Mongolia, from Ukraine to Korea with many countries
Participants in the forum with the participation of representatives of the Turkish rail transport
3 in rail transport with Turkish transport and logistics sector.
we had the opportunity to share the developments and the liberalization process. Sector representatives between Europe and Asia
The most important gateway of Turkey and the Turkish rail transport and infrastructure for intermodal transport
they want to be informed about big projects such as Marmaray and BALO. Viking Train, Silk Wind and
The trade volume created by transport corridors such as TRACECA is even more important for foreigners.
It makes. In particular, the solutions to be used for the use of common documents, transport can be done without interruption.
It will facilitate the transit transitions. As UTIKAD, Turkey is a party to the agreement on the joint document
TRACECA continues to work in the working groups.

International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD), founded in 1986; The most important of the logistics sector
As one of the civil society organizations in Turkey and internationally by land, air, sea, rail, combined transport
and the companies that produce logistics services under the same roof. UTİKAD, as well as its services to its members, logistics
The Association of International Transport Workers Associations, the largest non-governmental organization in the world
Federation (FIATA) Turkey has undertaken the representation and represent our country in the FIAT Board. also
Observer member of the European Association for Transport, Logistics, Customs and Customs Services (CLECAT);
The Economic Cooperation Organization is the founding member of the Federation of Logistics Providers Associations (ECOLPAF)

International Transport and
Association of Logistics Service Producers

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